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Life Changes: My Top 10 Diet Tips.

My Top 10 Diet Tips, dieting, healthy eating, weight loss, planning

This diet lark is much harder than I ever thought it would be. I mean, who labels it 'a diet' anyway. A diet sounds so harsh, so I much prefer to call it a healthy eating plan.  I have the motivation, I just need to kick start my plan into action. If you haven't managed to read why I want to loose weight catch up here.

Before I even start, it seems the perfect time to give our kitchen a Spring clean. Clear out those cupboards and be free of naughty things, chocolate and Mr Kipling cakes.  Eat old stuff up and cheer work mates up on a Monday with sweet treats! After clearing out any temptation, it's time to create a plan. I'm hoping a few small changes will have a positive effect on my health. Baby steps first, here are the tips I'm going to try to live by. 

My Top 10 Diet Tips, dieting, healthy eating, weight loss, planning

1. Cut out fizzy drinks. On the odd occasion I may lapse, opt for the low calorie/diet version.

2. Up the water intake.

3. Allow one SMALL bar of chocolate a week.

4. Cook fresh. Flick through recipe books and choose a couple of meals to cook every week.

5. Stick photo thin-inspiration everywhere. On my desk at work.  Kitchen. Cookie jar (which should be empty). Etc etc.

6. Snack on nuts and fruit. And limit the quantity.

My Top 10 Diet Tips, dieting, healthy eating, weight loss, planning

7. Avoid pastry, cheese and refined sugar.

8. Eat wholegrain pasta and rice. Restrict portions sizes.

9. Cut sugar from tea. No sweetex, just tea.

10. Plan. I hope by being more organised and planning meals, this will enable me to stay in control and opt for healthy options.

I'm hoping combining these few steps, will help me to feel less sluggish and to slash the dress sizes. I want to incorporate more exercise into my routine. At the moment Tony and I tend to find ourselves on long walks most Sundays, which always ends at the pub.  Note to self, no puddings, no wine.  As well as a long stroll on a Sunday, I'm going to try to march around our village (which is a 3 mile loop), a couple of times a week.

I have a ban on clothes buying, only once I notice that I have lost a significant amount of weight, will I allow myself a treat.

In the meantime, I'm going to use up body scrubs, lotions and potions and polish my skin up.  Take better care of my body generally.

I better crack on, it's time to scrub up! Updates will be coming soon on how the first couple of weeks have gone. Wish me luck.

What are your top tips? If you are eating healthily, what inspires you to continue and to cut out all the high calorie foods?

Photography: Maisie Smart

My Top 5 Tips For A Better Flight.

My Top 5 Tips For A More Comfortable Flight, flying, travel

If like me, you're not the best flyer, then this is the post to read.  I hate flying, you can read all about this right here. If you're looking for ways to improve that flight and to make the best of the time on board, read on...

1. If you're a nervous flyer, pick a character to observe on the plane, who makes you smile. Not in a malicious way, but something or rather someone to take your mind off the flight. In this case I spotted an incredibly well-turned out flight attendant. Bronzed with immaculate makeup, that is until she turned around. She may have been a bronzed goddess from the front, from the rear her neck and the backs of her ears were milky white. It just made me smile every time she passed by with her nuts and perfume.

2. Pick up a healthy snack from the airport. Superdrug now stock small Graze boxes. Perfect to snack on, during the flight. I highly recommend their protein pack of Chili and Lime nuts. Delicious and nutritious.  Nuts and 1 litre of Evian sorted me..

3. Wear comfortable clothing. It's not a fashion show. Planes can be cold. And rather hot. Wear layers you can remove easily to cool down. Take a scarf or jacket to wear if you're cold. It will also double up as a pillow.

4. Download a book to read/podcast to listen to. As a keen blogger, I downloaded 'A Girl, Obsessed's' ebook, a jam packed guide to running a successful blog. I packed a pen and notebook and wrote a tonne of notes. It really inspired me and gave me a tonne of new things to work on now I'm home. The 4 1/2 hours flew by. I feel like I achieved something on that flight and arrived on Spanish soil inspired. Don't forget to pack your headphones if you plan on listening to music or that podcast.

5. Don't miss out on Tax Free shopping.  If you want to buy that 'must have' makeup item from the Duty Free trolley. The one minus the tax and with 20% off, buy as they come by. Don't dilly-dally and then decide, 'oh, I must have that to add to my collection, it's a complete steal'. I missed out on Smashbox's Contour Kit. It was just £16 (I checked today and it's £35 in Boots - sob). Far too indecisive. I find browsing the plane catalogue and buying something, also takes my mind off the flight for a while.  A great excuse to shop!

If you have any tips of your own which really work, when you travel, please share below. I know many people struggle with flying so this would be gratefully appreciated.

P.S. If you do want to know, the lipstick I'm wearing in this photo is MAC's Chatterbox.

Photography: Maisie Smart