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Garnier BB Cream.

Garnier BB Cream, bb cream, base, foundation

Opting for a much lighter base over the warmer months seems to be favourable as of late. 

I hadn't used a BB or a CC Cream in a long, long time.  I've been using foundation, mixed with moisturiser for a dewy base or using a lighter coverage product altogether.

Garnier's BB Cream recently featured in a glossy magazine (I cannot remember the name), as one product to keep in your makeup drawer. It flicked a switch in my head reminding me how much I used to enjoy using BB Creams and as this was highly recommended, it seemed the perfect time to try.

Packaging wise, it's plain; nothing fancy, as you would expect.  The product is quite thick, so makes a terrible mess when squeezed from the tube. 

On the consistency front, the formula is heavy and gloopy. It's hard to blend out to a seamless finish with fingers or a brush. The product sticks to any dry patches like nothing else I have ever used. I also tried applying with a trusty Beauty Blender which fared no better.

Garnier claim their BB Cream will hydrate skin for 24 hours, leaving an even and radiant skin tone. It's also meant to be suitable for dry skin.

Personally, this is one BB Cream, which just isn't for me. I found it to offer little, if no hydration. It dried my dry skin out more than I thought possible and my skin looked patchy and uneven. My skin, quite frankly felt parched.

I don't want to post a tonne of negative product reviews, however when I test a product which I really can't get on with, I feel I have to let you know. Let's just say this product wasn't for me, who's to say you won't love it. 

Have you tried Garnier's BB Cream? How did you get on? What foundation/base is in your makeup bag right now? Do you have any base products you class as Holy Grail?

Korean Skincare: Make Remake 001 Cloud All-In-One Cleanser.

Korean Skincare: Make Remake 001 Cloud All-In-One Cleanser.

Korean skincare is everywhere. And I'm seriously into it. If you haven't dabbled a little and you are obsessed with skincare and cutesy packaging then you're missing out.

If you're a serious skincare fanatic, I'm quite sure you may have come across names such as Tony Moly, Innisfree and Etude House. 

Today it's all about Make Remake 001 Cloud All-In-One Cleanser. Basically a blend of marshmallow fluff in a jar, for your face.  A super soft foamy feeling cleanser. The scent alone is heavenly and the product certainly lives up to its cloud-like name.  Sweet and marshmallow like, but somehow not synthetic.

Korean Skincare: Make Remake 001 Cloud All-In-One Cleanser.

Korean Skincare: Make Remake 001 Cloud All-In-One Cleanser.

The texture is curious and I cannot describe in words quite how luxe this feels against the skin. A little really does go a long way and mixed with warm water this lathers up to an incredible almost paste like consistency. Once massaged into the skin, it then turns to a foam.

This is one hard working cleanser, which will leave skin uber clean and deeply cleansed. I have nothing else in my collection quite like it. Even though I am totally in love with 001, I do limit use to once or twice a week, as the formula can leave my dry skin, well drier.

Used as a weekly treat this cleanser is remarkable and one I am sure to purchase again and again. Seriously good stuff!

Have you tried any Korean skincare? What do you recommend? Do you have any favourite products?

**This post features a PR Sample