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I can only hold onto recycling for so long and as my Jo Malone bag filled up again with finished products, it's time to let you in on the products I have used up and indeed if any of them are worth trying. 

If you've missed the products which I've previously used up, head here, here and here.  Only after you've read this post!  Let's start with a scrub:

Fragrance wise this was certainly more floral than nut scented. Not my favourite Jo Malone fragrance. Quite a gentle scrub, not as effective as coffee scrubs. More for a pamper session than a heavy duty body buff. Nice, but not bowled over.

Liberty's saw me coming, £7 each! On Amazon you can get both for around £9. I used to ride tonnes and was bought up with ponies and horses, so when I saw a shampoo and conditioner which could be used for horses or humans, I was intrigued. Smells great, clean and fresh. Ultra-hydrating and hair feels really clean and shines. Really great stuff, just buy from Amazon, not Liberty's!

Mitchum 48 Hr Protection Pure Fresh
Mitchum's deodorant does keep you fresh, however the scent wasn't for me, it reminded me of fly spray. Not pleasant. Would try a different fragrance, but wouldn't buy this again.

Botanics Gentle Cleansing Cream All Bright
If you're looking for a gentle cream cleanser, then this is a safe bet. Ideal for sensitive skin, this is gentle and soothing and removes all makeup. Does the job well.


Refreshing and hydrating, Pixi's Milky Mist is ideal to keep by your desk or in your handbag. Smells great and gives a quick burst of hydration to the skin. Have already restocked.

Used under moisturiser, this mango scented serum is ideal to hydrate and smooth skin, to leave a perfect canvas before applying your base product. I loved this and would certainly purchase again, once I have used a few more primers up.

Perfect to conceal larger pores (in my case on the nose) and again to leave a lovely smooth base for makeup. Said to refine skin texture, it does. This is another great product I would certainly recommend.

Cult. I hit pan. The only bronzer I have used up. However I mentioned in a recent post I felt that on reflection, it may be a little dark/orange toned for my fair skin.  Still a great bronzer. 

Completely finito, this is the second balm I have used up from Maybelline. I only really like the Mint Fresh and feel it is the most hydrating of the range. Convenient for on the go with a minty freshness. 


Smelt great, fresh and fruity. Cannot remember how they performed, so not that memorable.

Quick, easy, cheap. Use mainly to clean up swatches or now and then before proper cleansing.

Selection of Face Masks:
I have used a tonne of packet masks lately, trying to use them all up. These include TonyMoly I'm Real, Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask, Leaders Break Up With Your Ex-Skin Cells, Applezone Butterfly Mask, When Restore, Caolion Hydro Sheet Mask, Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Sheet Mask, Dewy Tree Black Head Out Nose Patch and Oh K! Coconut Water Fibre Face Mask.  

All of the masks worked fairly well and were either catered towards hydrating the skin or exfoliating. A special mention must go to Oh K's Coconut Water Mask. Available from ASOS, this Korean brand's mask was a triumph. It worked a treat to leave my dry skin super-hydrated, smelt wonderful and was easy to use. Already planning on stocking up on some more.

So there you have it, a run down of products which have bitten the dust.  Here's to a tonne more empties and more de-cluttering. It's sooo satisfying!

What have you used up lately? Do you have any favourite or disappointing products? Anything to recommend?



You all know I feel a little disheartened at the moment. I'm not a negative person, however for the amount of work I put into my blog, sometimes it's hard not to sit on the fed-up fence when things are not going quite as planned. Like a guardian Angel, Laura came along with a pep talk and a few words of wisdom, so I'll hand you over to a few words spoken like a true pro.

Blogger’s fatigue is something I’ve been seeing a lot lately and experienced myself. With the spotlight currently on some of the bigger bloggers.  What used to be a hobby many of us hid from our friends, has now become a conversation piece. For some a legit career path. This has been over glamorised in the media making blogging look like an easy way to make money, encouraging more people to take up blogging; adding to an increasingly over saturated pool. Making it hard to stand out in the crowd.

When you read posts of blogging tips you’ll see a running theme; you get out what you put in. Blogging takes alot of time and effort. Taking pictures, writing the article and adding the necessary links. Producing new and unique content on a regular basis is no easy task. And when there is so much of it out there, it can be disheartening not to get any recognition for your efforts.


And try as hard as you might it is difficult not to compare yourself to other bloggers. Whether they are long established or newbies, seeing other people succeed where you are not can really knock your confidence. It almost feels like a competition sometimes. It’s not surprising you start to wonder why you bother. All your time and effort for nothing.

This happens to us all from time to time. We question our ability, our relevance and start to think we can’t write worth a damn. Take a step back and remember why you started blogging in the first place. Write about it if it helps. Take a break if you need to. Don’t let yourself get into a place that leaves you resenting your blog. Overtime time the readers will sort through the fakes and the phonies; letting those of us who blog for passion, not for fame come to the foreground. 

Does anyone else feel like this? Have you suffered from Blogger's fatigue? What are your top tips to stay motivated?

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