Is it just me, or does it really bother you when the knitwear you love and wear constantly bobbles? Under the armpits, over the tummy and chest area. I cant help but try and pull them off myself, but then worry about ruining my favourite top that I am trying to pull the pesky bobbles off!  Pesky is my Dad's word.

Pilling combs have always been available and I hadn't even thought about buying one, until now. Boy, am I glad I did. A quick and easy way to move those very PESKY bobbles from all those woollen tops I love, with no chance of damaging that special jumper.

Best of all it costs less than a fiver!

The £5 Accessory You Need In Your Wardrobe. Pilling Comb. White Stuff

How To Reduce Your Knitwear Bobbles

1. Lay your knitwear out flat.

2. Hold the affected area taut.

3. Comb to remove any bobbles. Pay special attention to elbows, arms and sides.

I have used this comb on a couple of jumpers and it really works. When I am trying to look more put together this is an ideal way to spruce up your sweaters to make them look like new again. It's quick, easy and small enough to keep in your handbag.

The £5 Accessory You Need In Your Wardrobe. Pilling Comb. White Stuff

So there you have it, a quick and inexpensive way to revive your knitwear!  

Head to White Stuff now to pick up your very own Pilling Comb

Do you have one of these in your wardrobe? What methods do you use to look after the clothes hanging in your closet?  Drop a comment below as always. Thank you!