Picture the scene. It's Friday night and unusually for me (I'm a bottle it up kind of girl - until things get too much) I'm having a rant on Twitter. It all boils down to one thing, reality. YouTubers publishing videos reviewing their latest bag purchase and flippantly assuming the majority of their followers can just 'pick one up' and spend over £1000 on a new bag.  

I love luxury pieces, I really do and for the most part I am lucky enough to be able to buy what I want. However the majority of people sure as can't afford to spend their monthly paycheck on one bag or even half a bag. I'm quite sure to them, it's more important to stock up on pasta and pay the water bill. Want to read more about materialistic blogging head here.

Current Favourite Accessories Under £10.
Current Favourite Accessories Under £10.

Here on Bean's Beauty Blog, I do occasionally mention luxury items, however I'd rather have holidays (though that was not to happen this year) and luxury makeup. So without further ado here are my current top 3 picks from the great British high street.  

Let's kick off with these striped espadrilles. Perfect for summer and lazy days by the beach. We all know stripes don't date. So if you think it's a little too late to be buying, let's face it, straw based shoes, spend just £8 and stick in your wardrobe for next year. Super comfortable and from Florence and Fred, you can buy these (not pick me up) on your next weekly shop. I stocked up on fruit, bread and milk yesterday and these are still in store.

For a neutral, good old crossbody bag, Primark come up trumps again. In real life this bag is more cream than white.  For under a tenner, this neat little find is fairly well made and will go with everything.  You can certainly fit more in this than you can Saint Laurent's Blogger bag! And it complements the stripey flats perfectly!

Current Favourite Accessories All Under £10.

Last off are these pink mules. Gucci inspired, perfect for those of those with wider feet. Although I am fairly sure they also make for the more slim fit of us. I've been whacking these on with a pair of skinny jeans and striped tee and they work a treat. I'm quite sure they will only last a few months, however they are comfortable and make a change to flip flops/sandals when you want to feel more put together. Hopefully if the Autumn months are on the warmer side I can wear these with a slouchy jumper (and as usual) jeans.

Current Favourite Accessories Under £10.

Heading to the high street today?  I highly recommend checking out these pieces. Perfect for the remainder of the summer and which won't break the bank!

What have you been buying lately? Are you still obsessed over stripes as much as I am? Or are you on a spending ban?