Coffee may be the drug of choice for many, but it has many more benefits than giving the brain an instant recharge. Coffee could be used in many homespun daily treatments that will help enhance your beauty. It is one of those multifaceted products that have many more advantages which are overshadowed by that one single one. Coffee grounds have that extra oomph that makes for some of the best in beauty rituals you could ask for. It may be touted as the best drink, but the magic of coffee goes all ways – be it ground or liquid.
Coffee and its grounds are used in several anti-cellulite creams and face packs. It is extremely rich in antioxidants and can enhance the health of your skin and even hair. So below, we will be listing some great uses of coffee that would definitely help you out in the beauty department.

5 Ways Coffee Can Be Added To Your Beauty Routine.

Hair Conditioning
Got brunette hair that needs a little extra shine? Most mass manufactured hair products have a lot of chemicals that could end up damaging your hair. So we’re going to tell you how you could use a coffee central treatment to enrich your hair.
Just mix one tablespoon (or more depending on your hair length) of cooled coffee grounds in two pumps of the conditioner that you regularly use. Mix it nicely and apply to your hair. Let it sit for the requisite amount of time on recently shampooed hair. Then rinse it away with cool water.  This will stain your hair a deep, rich brown; which will look excellent on naturally brunette hair.

Minimise Facial Puffiness
Ever woken up and felt like your face had bloated overnight? Swollen facial features can elevate grogginess and make you feel tired and drowsy all the time. What better way than a caffeine central treatment to tone it down. Coffee will minimize the puffiness because it leeches away the toxins from the skin. This will increase the circulation to that particular area and do away with that swelling.
Here’s a homemade and easy to use beauty ritual for you; add powdered or diluted coffee to an ice tray with a dash of water and freeze it into cubes. When frozen, you should gently massage those cubes onto the face. You will see instant results.

Natural Exfoliation
Every girl dreams of having the smoothest skin, and natural exfoliates are some of the most effective skin scrubbers all around. However, natural exfoliating materials like sugar and sand might be great for soothing the skin, but aren’t very gentle to use.
Coffee may be a non-organic version of exfoliate, but it is a great cellulite buster. It is also inexpensive and could be used regularly. Coffee grounds can naturally exfoliate and slough off the dead skin without any roughness. There will be no irritation afterward either.

Moisturise Chapped Lips
Lip scrubbing is quite an effective way to get rid of permanently chapped lips, and coffee is the key ingredient to making your own moisturiser. Matt lipsticks and gloss can leave your lips a little hard and chapped, so here’s what you should do before applying them.
Just mix half a teaspoon of used coffee grounds with another half a teaspoon of honey and mix gently. This lip scrub should be rubbed over the lips in a circular motion for at least thirty seconds, then removed with a wet wash cloth. The pucker you’ll get after should be preserved with a lip balm.

Face Pack
A nice home-made coffee face pack and facial can give your skin that beautiful glow you only get after a salon scrub. All you’ve got to do is mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt with a single tablespoon of ground coffee and apply evenly to your face and neck. Rinse it off after fifteen minutes and you’ll get glowing, rejuvenated skin with a nice aroma to boot.

There are a lot of coffee-centric beauty rituals that could make your hair and skin pretty without much hassle, and we hope these help you get the best in beauty treatments at your own homes.