Sum me up in a few words and you would hear bubbly. Ditzy. Stubborn. Kind-hearted. Soft. Very clumsy.

Sum up what I love in the world and the extensive list would start with family, my cats, makeup (particularly lip gloss), face masks (detox are a fave), animals, New York, cut grass, pasta, bananas, picnics, great music (however cheesy) and natural beauty. I'm thinking good skin days.

National Kissing Day: PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System.

Taking into account my love for natural beauty, I somewhat surprised myself when I agreed to a company sending me a Lip Plumping Kit. Unsure? Yes. Intrigued? Yes. Dubious? Of course. Wanting to keep up with the latest innovations in this technological world? Completely.

Before I write my review, I guess first of all you should see my natural lips. Here goes.....

National Kissing Day: PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System.

Time to pout as my brother would say! I'm fairly lucky to have a decent pair of smackers anyway but was curious to see if the PMD would give me beestung lips to rival the Jolie's and Jenner's of the world and if this non surgical procedure would hurt. And indeed work.

PMD claim their lip plumping gadget will give you fuller lips in minutes, almost ironing out fine wrinkles to give a more youthful appearance (don't we all want that)?  They also claim their smart plumping serum used alongside the device is clinically tested and researched, so suitable for all users. The Kiss Device* works using pulsing vibration technology. The serum provided doesn't have to be used however PMD recommend using to give optimum results.

The idea is to achieve a fuller pout. Both to the upper and lower lips evenly, restoring colour, revitalising and boosting collagen.

National Kissing Day: PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System.

To Use

As recommended I started by wiping my lip area with a damp flannel to remove any existing lip balm and natural oils. Then applied a quick swipe of serum to my clean dry lips.

Next it was time to power up the device. I placed the sucker onto one side of my Cupid's Bow and then the other side. Lastly moving onto each side of the bottom lip.  The sucker creates a seal and the plastic tip almost hugs the curves of your lips to ensure even results.  As advised I used on one section at a time and allowed to work for the recommended ten pulses. 

All I could feel where small pulses, no real vibrations at all, it wasnt uncomfortable just slightly on the tingly side.   


My lips did look slightly larger than normal, certainly redder (it seemed as though the blood had certainly rushed to the surface). The feeling afterwards was slightly uncomfortable and I felt like someone had gently punched me in the mouth. 

National Kissing Day: PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System.


I'm not going to get too serious about this, after all using this gadget is a quick fix for a plumper pout. Does it hurt? Not at all. Does it give the desired effect? My lips were certainly more beestung, almost like a more swollen version of themselves. The results however didn't last very long (of course this may be different for every individual).  I found within a couple of hours my lips were back to normal. For someone less blessed in the lip department, maybe the result would be more evident (I'm speculating here). For me this was a fun gadget to use with minimal effort to achieve slightly bigger lips than normal. Would I rush out to buy one? No. However if you are looking for a face friendly way to plump up your pout it is something certainly worth giving a shot. For me, I personally prefer to use a great hydrating lip balm or plumping lip gloss.

If you do invest in this bit of kit, I would love to know what you think and how you get on. If you have already tried this please leave a comment below and let me know if you think PMD's Kiss is worth the hype!  To buy your very own plumping kit head here.

On a final note....

It's important not to submerge into water.

The device is not designed to use on any other area of the body.

Oh, and it's National Kissing Day, so embrace the ones you love and kiss your Mum, Dad, partner, cat, dog, colleague, goldfish, donkey. Even blow a kiss to yourself. Share the love!