For some people, smiling is an involuntary reaction. They’ll smile when they’re happy or when they see something great. There are people, on the other hand, who find it hard to flash a smile, either because they’re too stressed or too preoccupied with their tasks. No matter which group you belong to, smiling is good for you. 

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. It creates a good impression
Creating a good impression is essential, whether you are applying for a job or meeting a person for the first time. Although smiling is one of the best ways to achieve that, you have to make sure that you also exude confidence and positivity in your actions. Practicing your smile in front of a mirror can help boost your self-esteem. Personally, I like to spend a few minutes rehearsing my answers and smile before showing up for an interview.

5 Reasons Why Your Smile Is Your Best Feature.

2. It’s a sign of good health
Not all people are confident about smiling, especially if they are having dental issues, such as bad teeth and unhealthy gums. If you are one of these people, it’s probably high time you put more attention to your oral health. Make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth to avoid bacterial build up. An electric toothbrush with on-handle timer is a great investment since it can ensure that you hit the right brushing time. I found talking to my dentist a great help since he was the one who recommended the best electric toothbrush for my case. And not only that. smiling can also cause your body to produce more healthy white blood cells. This means that you’ll have a stronger protection against infections and other contagious diseases.  For more tips on keeping your teeth as healthy as possible head here.

3. It makes you more attractive
When you smile, it makes you a lot more attractive and approachable. It also shows that you put a lot of effort in taking care of yourself and that you care about your appearance. This is always a big factor, especially if you’re socialising with other people. Normally, people feel awkward and uncomfortable when meeting strangers. Smiling, however, decreases these feelings and makes you more at ease. This confidence makes you look more attractive and trustworthy to those people you’re smiling at.  

4.  It makes you look more approachable
I find reaching out to people who are smiling easier than those who frequently frown. This is because smiling is one of the most inviting facial expressions among humans. It encourages people to talk and interact with you, without having to worry about getting snubbed and denied. If you are scowling most of the time, it’s probably one of the reasons why you’re finding it hard to connect with other people.

5. It’s contagious
Smiling can’t only affect the way other people perceive you; it can also influence how they react to you. One good reason is the neurons in your premotor cortex and your inferior parietal cortex. These neurons are called mirror neurons. They reflect the behaviors of other people as if they weren’t influenced.

The next time you meet someone, try to flash a smile. There’s a good chance they’ll reciprocate your action.

What makes you smile? Do you find it easy meeting new people for the first time? Is there a favourite lipstick you wear to feel more confident?

Photo Credit: Kendra Kamp on Unsplash