Do you ever get the feeling you have too much stuff? 

Yes, you're an organised person, however there's clutter and possessions everywhere. Skincare stuffed to the brim in every drawer possible. Some unused, some unloved and some completely wrong for your skin type. 

Makeup drawers with out of date mascaras and that one gloopy lipgloss you have had years. The most unflattering and awful formula, but somehow it's still there.  Books piling high at the side of the bed which you may just get around to reading. Right now though, you still have 3 months worth of Vogue and Glamour to catch up on.

The Importance Of Decluttering

Quite frankly it got to the point where I couldn't concentrate on blogging, there was too much life stuff to sort out first. I am still in the throws of sorting out cupboards and more recently have finished my wardrobe. I had items everywhere. New purchases piled high in my office, gathering dust. Favourite tops worn so much there were small holes starting to appear, not the image I am trying to convey. 

I took a week off work for 'life stuff' and here's how it panned out: 


As everyone recommends I pulled everything out and cleaned out the inside first. I tried everything on, anything a little threadbare went to the recycling bin. Decent items, which I wondered just why an earth I had bought, were piled high in a couple of bags. I'm talking oversize jumpers which made me look the size of a tent, gaudy colours and items which didn't hit those feminine notes I am aiming towards. A couple of nicer items ended up on Ebay.

The Importance Of Decluttering

Makeup & Skincare Stash

Still to complete, I have reduced my makeup collection by around 75%!

There was an abundance of brand new products, numerous duplicates and items I just didn't know I had. I have sold tonnes of nearly new/lightly used palettes, lipsticks and some skincare, and am building up a nice little nest egg towards new items for my wardrobe.

I started off choosing 3 items per day (until I really started to be left with not many products at all), listed them on ebay and have sold everything listed. This soon cleared room in my collection. I am quite sure the Postlady hid behind the counter every time she saw me ambling towards the post office, armed with 15 parcels to post off. If you want to try selling on Ebay, remember to list the postage charge high enough, so the buyer pays the full cost of the postage.

I have so much more room and am starting to see all the products I actually love and use time and time again. From now I am only going to buy makeup items I want or need and make use of them. No more fluro eyeshadow palettes or bright lips, I'm certainly sticking with nudes and neutral brown eyeshadows.

The Importance Of Decluttering


My mind feels clearer. They always say it's cathartic to have an organisation session and it's so true. I feel I'm on the way to having items of clothing, accessories, skincare products and both luxury and high street makeup I really love. If I own anything which I don't love, it's going. Either to charity or to be sold.

I sound so very #Mariekondo.  Having a more streamlined collection means as well as having a more organised space, my head truly feels clearer too. I am an organisation freak and having a tidy home really sits well with me.

In the future BBB will still publish reviews, however more products of which I love will feature. Of course there will still be some duds, however I am trying to be more conscious of what I buy, Both my wardrobe space, makeup collection and bank balance will thank me!

Are you an organisation freak like me? Did you too reach the point where your makeup drawers and closet needed a detox?