It's real. The dreaded 'blogging block'!

It strikes again. And I am rather pissed off! Not one to swear often, it really winds me up when my post game, photo game and upload rate all suffer.

As usual I can think of posts and content and am constantly brain-storming but the times when I want to write and cannot string a sentance together infuriates me immensely.

I take this blogging lark far more seriously than just a hobby and would absolutely love to blog full time. The fact of the matter is, at the moment my ideas are just ideas and I cannot seem to put posts together. If you're a blogger reading this then I am quite sure you understand.

Sometimes we really do need to take a time out more than we know. With a few personal issues going on at the moment, I do not want to publish lack-lustre content about subjects which aren't true or of interest to me. There's no point. I wouldn't get as many views as I want, feel like I am letting you guys down and I wouldn't be happy with the content I am publishing. I want to be proud of posts and the content I share with you.

I am a perfectionist.

I need a hiatus. Yes, I know I had a break around Christmas and am meant to be posting at least twice a week. The amount of pressure I put on myself to upload fresh content each week is immense and quite frankly takes the fun out of this whole game.

I have recently read posts about blogging having had its day. I can completely see this point of view, however it demotivated me somewhat and I am determined to prove the theory wrong. To post though, I do think you have to be at the top of your game and I am determined to rejoin the game. At the top!

As Arnie once said, 'I will be back'.

Think of this as waiting to see a long lost love or relative. That feeling when something or someone you love is back. And in full swing.

I just couldn't put this post off any longer and to be honest it wasn't something I really wanted to publish, however I just really wanted to keep you in the loop.

Keep an eye out on my Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat for any updates.

See you soon.