Well, hi there! I hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the festive period. I haven't posted for a few days and have decided to take a break until the New Year. I am keen to post new content after Christmas with a fresh approach, I just have a mountain of products, ideas and notebooks to organise first.

Quite honestly at the moment, I feel any posts published would get a little lost among all the gift guides out there. Of course, I love reading and watching the yearly guides, however everyone seems (and quite rightly so) focussed on Christmas, so I've decided to take a few weeks off.  

I have been blogging consistently over 3 years and feel now is the right time to rest my blogging brain. After all, I want to concentrate on family, mince pies and Christmas TV. It's time to appreciate and enjoy every single moment of Christmas with loved ones. 

In 2017 I will be back with hopefully the best content I have ever written. So blogging friends, do not go anywhere, I will still be Snapchatting, Instagramming and Tweeting away.

Have a wonderful time with family over Christmas and I will see you in the New Year. 

BBB is going to be the only blog you want to be seen reading! (joke)

Georgie x

P.S. There may be a Guest Post up somewhere along the way.

It's a piece I am really excited to publish.  If you're a Fashionista who loves travelling, then this is something I am sure you will not want to miss. Once up, I will post on Snapchat and Instagram.