How To Take Care Of Dry Skin In The Winter.

Winter weather has never been friendly to the skin. Low humidity levels and cold weather might lead to dry hair, which then takes away moisture from the skin almost every second. Without proper immediate care, this can lead to cracking, itching, feeling tight and roughness.

Once the skin cracks, germs might find an entry point into your body, leading to infections. Therefore, taking care of the skin is not for cosmetic purposes only, but as a matter of overall health. To reduce itching, redness and chapped skin during winter, consider these tips.

Shower in Lukewarm Water

Hot baths and showers might feel awesome in winter due to the chilly conditions. However, whenever possible, especially when washing your hands or face, just use lukewarm water. Hot water can strip oils from the skin, leaving your skin dry. Additionally, there is very little humidity in the air. Only wash your hands when it’s necessary and only use antibacterial soaps. Once you wash your hands, rub in some coconut oil or rich hand cream to minimise dryness.

Moisturise Frequently

You may have identified a moisturiser that works perfectly for your skin, during summer and spring. However, with the changing weather conditions, your skin care routine should also change. Look for an oil-based moisturiser instead of water-based ones. The oil in oil-based moisturisers usually forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin. This retains more moisture than lotion or cream. Many night-creams are usually oil based. However, be very careful when choosing the oils. All oils are not suitable for the face. If possible, go for the non-clogging varieties such as avocado, almond or primrose oils.

Switch on the Humidifier

During winter, the levels of humidity in the atmosphere go below 10%. The reduced moisture and humidity in the air usually contributes to most cases of dry skin during winter. It can also lead to sore throats as well as increased rates of certain allergies and infections. To increase moisture in the air, use a humidifier or a vaporiser. When using humidifiers, just be careful to make sure that moisture levels don’t go too high.

Hydrate Often

Frequent hydration is not only good for your skin but your overall health. If your skin is severely dehydrated, it will benefit you to drink sufficient amounts of water. When the outermost skin layer, the epidermis is deprived of water, the skin becomes dry and rough. Although it is not clear whether drinking water can prevent dry skin in winter, your health will benefit when you remain hydrated.


You sometimes spend money buying expensive products for your dry skin in winter and forget the basics. When there are too many dead cells on the skin, moisture cannot get in. Therefore, find an appropriate exfoliating mask, and use on your hands, face and lips. Follow it up with a moisturiser for smoother skin.

The outside weather might be dull, but your skin does not have to be. Using the above tips, you can prevent dryness and give your skin a boost. Take good care of your skin. 

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