Tips & Tricks To Achieve The Perfect Highlighted Face

Makeup artists and beauty junkies alike have found a new and exciting way to wear makeup, and it involves not just the traditional ways of adding more life and colour to your dull skin, but help you practically re-frame and reshape your face.  “Really?” If you still haven’t tried nor heard about these tricks, it’s about time you did.

Here are 7 practical tips and tricks to give your face a lift and a more flattering shape — no surgery, no procedures necessary. Follow these steps and you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll see:

Step No. 1:  Treat
Give your skin a quick treat by cleansing, toning and moisturising. If you have extra time, exfoliate and deep moisturise with a facial sheet mask.  Throw in all the products that can help amp up your skin’s healthy appearance to leave a plump and dewy look. Make sure to start with the sheer, lightweight products.  Give your products time to soak in before applying the next layer.

Step No. 2:  Cover Up
Perfect your skin tone.  If you are expecting to have to deal with an unforgiving climate or if you’re giving your face highlight on an ordinary day, choose a sheer and lightweight BB cream. However, if you will be photographed a lot, use a foundation but avoid the really thick and creamy ones that don’t give your skin any room to breathe. Spot correct your dark circles, puffy eyes, acne marks, dark spots and other skin imperfections with a concealer that neutralises. It isn’t unusual to need two or more concealers depending on what you are hiding.

Step No. 3:  Highlight
Pick up a highlighter that is easy to control, apply and blend. Choosing the right product makes a lot of difference as to how light is drawn in to appear on your skin.  The proper way of using a highlighter is to apply the highlighter on the high points of your face — forehead, under the eyebrows, bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks and chin.  Bring your under eyes forward by using a highlighter in the inner corners.

Step No. 4:  Contour
Make your highlighter stand out even more by placing contouring powder where the lowest points of your face are, i.e the deepest part of your cheeks (if you can’t find it, suck in your cheeks), the sides of your nose and the underside of your chin.

Step No. 5:  Blend
Next, you’re ready to blend.  Using a high quality brush is a key requirement to get this step perfectly done. You’ll start by staring at stark contrasts of highlights and contours placed side by side on your face.  Now your next task is to blend well into your skin so you lose those rough lines and make the edges smoother yet still well defined.  Work in sections so you don’t lose where your highlight and contour are placed — you have to keep these where they are but you need to incorporate these well into your skin.

Step No. 6:  Apply colours
Once you’ve perfected your skin and hidden all your imperfections, the next thing you should do is start applying your pigments. Always begin with your eyes.  Work out a well-defined eyebrow, line your eyes and work up a gradient of eyeshadow on your eyelids to soften your look.  Use a blush to further emphasise the high cheek bones you’ve just given yourself with your highlights and contours.  Don’t forget to shape and fill in your lips too.

Step No. 7:  Set
Wear your look all day or all night by finishing with a setting spray. When you’ve prepped your skin well and topped off with a setting spray, you can safely expect your makeup, concealer and colours from slipping off.

Authors Bio:
Sara Biston, who lives in New York City, USA - a freelance article writer by profession. She is an experienced writer who loves writing about beauty, skin care & lifestyle. She believes in spreading a word of happiness through her writings. Sara’s passion for beauty & skincare became the catalyst for a major career change. She is firm believing the fact that “Tough time never lost but Tough people do”. She also writes for The Beauty Insiders.

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