New York Fashion Week has brought us daring designs and breathtaking styles that are all over the place, making it easy for everyone to stay on trend and experiment while pushing the limits of fashion. Both those who are fans of the extravagant looks and those who prefer to tone it down a bit have their legitimate place in the current trends.

While outfits and accessories are the focus of the most fashion lovers, we have to ask ourselves: what about what’s happening from the neck up? Yes, runways are not just about clothes, but they function in a much broader sense, setting trends in the makeup world, too. It is rather interesting to see how these trends interact with the streets: here are the hottest three you should keep an eye on.   

Black eyeliner: fully-framed eyes and smudged looks

What was once considered a makeup faux pas, is one of the leading trends today. NYFW has shown that more is more, so feel free to go heavy on the black eyeliner: thick lines that completely frame the eye are in! To achieve this look, you don’t need much knowledge about makeup nor do you have to be particularly crafty about applying it.
New York Fashion Week: Key Make Up Trends.
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Use a kohl pencil (put away your liquid eyeliner) and draw a thick line both on your upper lid and beneath your eye.
The smudged look is also in, but tone it down a bit (unless you are aiming for that heroin-chic look). Here’s how you can do it: start with your upper lid and gently draw a line from the middle to the outer corner of the eye. Complete the line by tapping the dots with the pencil back to the inner eye corner. Move to your lower lid and draw a few dashes, right underneath your waterline. Use the smudge brush (there are pencils on the market that have one at their ends) and gently blend in both of the lines, and voilĂ  – you’re left with the effortless look that makes your eye pop!

Vivid colored eyeshadows: think outside of the box

The most eye-catching trend are the vivid-colored lids that will remind you of Cyndi Lauper’s videos in the eighties. Girls do want to have fun – with colours! Think navy blue, lavender, purple, coral red, and turquoise. This trend is often combined with colored mascaras which makes the eyes stand out in an unusual way.
New York Fashion Week: Key Make Up Trends.
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To achieve this look, make sure you use a primer before. Many women have oily eyelids, so primers are essential in order to ensure your makeup stays on, plus – they intensify the color of your eyeshadow. You can find some of the best makeup online so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the right products in stores. Simply smear the eyeshadow on your upper lid and you can even use a thin brush to frame your lower eye line.
Love the smoky eye? Do it, but skip the black shades: how about the coral red?

Everlasting bold lips: get ready for rainbow kisses

When you hear “bold lips”, you probably think of dark burgundy or a similar deep shade. While those are timeless, this NYFW brought us the boldest lips ever: think neon blue, black, hot pink, even cyan! Some push this trend to the limits by combining the color of the lipstick with the eyeshadow. You may want to skip on that: it’s easy to slip into the circus-like look. Pick your desired shade and tone down the rest of your makeup.
New York Fashion Week: Key Make Up Trends.
To avoid the poor application, make sure to exfoliate lips before. You can even try the ombre lips trend: so pucker up!  
These are the top three burning trends of this year’s NYFW. Lovers of the natural look will also be happy to hear that the no-makeup trend is equally in the spotlight, with women embracing their bare looks with full unplucked eyebrows, freckles, and all the other “imperfections”.
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