You know how everything looks annoyingly perfect on Instagram? Seen through the right filter, with the sun shining, it’s as if the world has been sprinkled with a little fairy dust. Meanwhile on Pinterest, you scroll through the loveliest interiors and furniture imaginable, gorging yourself on the endless stream of beautiful things.

Then you look at your own home and see the tired and dull reality. It’s easy to end up feeling depressed because you don’t have the time, money or interior design expertise to make it look better.

Well, fear not – instead of making you feel worse, your social media habit could give you the answers to a perfect home. Here’s how a little online magic can work wonders, bringing inspiration, personality, beauty and fun.
Start your project with a Pinterest mood board
All the best make-overs start with a little planning and research. Roving the web, you’ll often spot furniture, textiles and craft projects to add to your wish-list. Instead of losing them in the depths of the internet, use Pinterest to create online mood boards worthy of the best designers.
Whether you are aiming for a ‘French country lounge’ or ‘monochrome kitchen’ you’ll find so many ideas to pin. Why not use the boards to try out different looks and budgets and share them with friends and family? Because the site automatically saves the origin of every pin, you’ll create a handy reference guide which will make it quick work to buy your favourites. You can even create a collage of your board too.

Instagram for stunning wall art
All those gorgeous images that you’ve taken time to create needn’t languish online. It’s really quick and simple to bring them to life in your home. With these websites, you can use your pictures immediately, or have them printed out as a canvas, wallpaper or giant poster.
  • Use a site such as Instacanvas and Polargram to put your best photos on canvas. Better still, spread one photo over three or four canvases and space them apart on the wall.
  • Print out all your Instagram pics and paste them onto the walls of your downstairs loo or a dull nook and cranny or small cupboard – just use clear vinyl liquid adhesive or spray-mount.
  • Create bespoke printed wallpaper with your own pictures – you could go for one large image as a feature wall, or photo collage wallpaper with lots.

Whatever you do with your photos, just remember to zone your displays to reflect how you use your home. Those foodie pics will look great in the kitchen whilst the yoga ones are ideal for inspiration in your bedroom when you wake up. You home will reflect you, and what you are passionate about.
Snapchat for quirky fun
There are times when glossy, gorgeous Instagram is just a little hard work. That’s when you need her naughty, sassy little sister – Snapchat. Creating a Snapchat wall in your house is easy and fun.
Simply paint a wall with innovative whiteboard paint then add photos and scrawl messages and slogans in neon whiteboard pens. Keep it regularly updated for maximum entertainment, and get friends involved too. Why not ask them to leave a message or two?
You are what you tweet

Firebox’s Twitter prints are so clever! They use your tweets to create a stunning image of your profile picture. Up close, you can read all of your insightful, wise and witty musings and from a distance the words are shaded to form a picture of you!

If your Twitter feed is just full of rants at the supermarket for delivering out-of-date mushrooms or misguided retweets of a joke that no longer seems funny, then don’t worry – you can select a celebrity or friend’s profile instead.

Find your online guru

One of the best things about all social media platforms is the instant access they give you to experts. You can have the inspiration and daily advice of the world’s best interior designers, right in your own home.
Here are three of the best interior designers to follow from across social media:
  1. From Instagram, check out Orlando Soria, the Creative Director of LA’s trendy Homepolish. He offers minimalist concepts combined with greenery and splashes of colour for a look that is achievable, great to live in and oh so stylish. Steal his style by using artificial plants to get the look without the maintenance – they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing and look perfect all year round.

  1. From Pinterest, designer Kelly Wearstler showcases the best of modern design. Her signature style showcases raw with refined textures for a seamless look that is all about luxury. You’ll want to imitate her glossy interiors by choosing sophisticated accessories in monochrome and gold.

  1. From Twitter, Andrew Dunning, the founder of one of the leading interior design consultancies in London provides an entertaining Twitter feed packed full of great ideas. Whatever the scale of your project, Andrew’s advice helps you to access cutting edge design at an affordable price.

Get pimping!
So now there is no need for your home to be a sad comparison to Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media channel for that matter. It really won’t take much time, effort or money to pimp up your house and bring that online gorgeousness to life.
Best of all, you’ll have a home that truly reflects your personality and that you are proud to share with friends and family. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spread that social media magic.

What are you obsessed with at the moment? Are you all about the marble, green plants and copper? Or, is your personality a little more on the quirky side favouring something brighter?

*Guest Post*