Beauty Chat: Beauty Confessions, Blog Update & November Resolutions

It seems a long time ago I posted on my blog, or at least wrote a post. For the last few weeks I have published a selection of guest posts, which I hope you have enjoyed.  I can't really explain, but I had been finding it hard to put into words what I wanted to write about or even think of content to post.
I'm back, feel inspired and have the attitude of 'hell yeah, I'm going to do this'.

I have nearly a week off work as I write this, so am going to concentrate on my blog for a couple of days; taking photos, writing content and planning.  My office/beauty storage room is over-flowing with products and quite frankly is an unorganised mess, so much so I want to shut the door and forget about it.  Everytime I venture upstairs, I catch site of the tonnes of products living in chaos and it freaks out the OCD inside me! So it's time for a de-clutter.  I'm hoping as I sort through the items, it will help me devise a plan for content I wish to create and I end up with an organised and streamlined space. Plus when I do head to Boots, I don't buy similar or the same products to which I already own.

Sometimes I must admit, I do feel a beauty fraud.  Yes, I can blend foundation to leave a flawless base, curl my lashes and apply gloss. However I still can't paint my nails, have ragged cuticle beds and cracked heels.  If I attempt any version of a smoky eye, the end result looks like I have had 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.  I'm overweight, so could never claim to be a fitness guru. I'm trying to loose weight (it's hard) and have tonnes of eyeshadow palettes untouched because I almost have a phobia of trying to attempt a smoky eye! I've given up on winged eyeliner and duly noted I'm much more suited to smudging a little product along the lash line. Yes, I can just about manage this!

I guess when I clear out my stash, the eyeliners can go!

For November, I have set myself 10 goals relating to my blog and beauty routine:

1. Improve the condition of my nails/cuticles.
2. Learn how to do a basic eye look using eyeshadow and blog about it.
3. Discover a fabulous new product I must tell you about.
4. Publish a favourites post.
5. Stick to my diet (more on this soon).
6. Comment on 20 Blogger's blogs.
7. Take part in 2 Twitter chats.
8. Plan a themed week for December.
9. Snapchat daily at least twice a day.
10. Contact at least 5 companies/brands I wish to work with.

Blogging slump over. The blogger is back!

What goals have you set for November? Do you struggle to stick to them? Are their any beauty routines you neglect or any makeup tricks you wish you were better at? As always, please drop a comment below.

Photography: Maisie Smart