7 Korean Beauty Innovations To Try.

Korean beauty is on the rise in the Western market. From adorable packaging to effective ingredients, these beauty products are rich with innovation. Many of us beauty addicts have already got our hands on a plethora of sheet masks, but there's more to K-beauty than this. Thank you to Georgie for giving me the opportunity to share with you 7 more Korean beauty innovations to try.
These are a funny one. In the pot, they look like a gelatinous mask. Once a thin layer is applied to the skin, it starts to bubble and foam up. Almost growing outwards on the skin. It leaves you looking like you've got bubble bath covering your face. These are great for deep cleansing the skin, leaving skin feeling refreshed and a little skintertainment.

Head here for Georgie's recent review on Elizavecca's much talked about Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Mask.
Also known as modelling masks, these come in a powder form. With the addition of water, you mix it together to create a paste that's applied to the skin. It dries to a rubber texture and peels of the skin so easily, a bit like taking off a mask mould.
They sound scary but it's actually just a novelty way of applying your sheet mask from separate parts. Some come with a syringe of serum which is injected into a hole so it goes into the sheet mask. Other variations allow you to use the syringe to push blobs of a thick serum onto the skin, patting it in before applying the cotton sheet.
These are my current favourite. Each pack comes with perforated sections to show each step. Many of them start with a sachet of essence followed by a sheet mask and then a moisturiser or eye cream. Some even include a cleanser for step 1. A neat, travel-friendly option that's always enriched with nourishing and revitalising ingredients.

For those of you into pore strips, you're in luck. I love the Holika Holika 3 Step Blackhead Kit. It comes with a cleansing astringent, the pore strip and a moisturising sheet to finish.
7 Korean Beauty Innovations To Try.
Korean brands such as SU:M37 and Goodal are top of the game when it comes to utilising fermentation. The process of fermentation produces B vitamins, omegas, enzymes and probiotics. These all make for rich and effective products. Many claim it increases the potency of ingredients and is high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The SU:M37 Rose Cleansing Stick is a beautiful, gentle addition to any skincare routine and one of my all time favourite cleansers.
Korean products are known for their interesting and innovative ingredient choices (such as snail slime and donkey milk). So, it will come as no surprise that veggies are the next big thing. It's not just spinach and kale. Artichokes have made their way into a few products as a rich antioxidant and protector against free radicals. The trend of eating superfoods is reaching the outside.
Although I didn't get along too well with this one, I've heard many rave reviews. Brands such as Romantic Bear and Berrisom have produced these thick, pigmented glosses. Apply them, wait a minute, peel it off and you're left with a pretty tinted lip that lasts a good 24 hours. You can also check out Etude House's Tint My Brow. However, the thought of drawing it on wrong and being stuck with wonky brows for days put me off. 
2016 has definitely been an interesting year for beauty. It’s been great to see Western brands take on some of these innovations and create rivalling products. However, I’m hoping that 2017 will be the year a variety of Korean beauty brands will be at our fingertips.

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