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One would think that being a tourist and being a traveller is entirely the same, but in fact there are miles of difference between the two concepts. Tourists find joy in impressive hotels, organised tours, taking photos and visiting museums, while they loathe “wasting” time, getting lost, carrying things, and getting off the beaten track. 

Travellers, on the other side, go someplace to truly experience it, with all its good and bad sides. Getting lost and seeing something other than the usual tourist hotspots is like a treasure quest for them. So, if you want to level up from a simple tourist to a true traveller, here are a few simple ways to do that.

1. Travel Light
When you are exploring a city or some other destination, you don’t want to be burdened by a loaded suitcase. Even if you can just leave it in your hotel, and then go sightseeing, you should have the comfort of changing hotels whenever you feel like it, to meet new people and discover the city from its various angles.

2. Take Your Time
Tourists are constantly thinking about itineraries and maximising their time, without ever really stopping to truly smell the roses. There should be no sites which have to be visited in a hurry. Really, if you’re only going to have enough time to take photos to be able to say you’ve been there, there is no point. Moments of spontaneity are what will enrich your experience, and not the planned schedule.

3. Take a Memory, Not a Photo
It seems that one of the main goals of people who go somewhere is to get as many Instagram and Facebook likes for your travel photos as you can. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing bad about taking a photo or two, and showing how amazing some place is you’ve visited, but instead of watching it only through the camera lens or phone screen, you should actually observe it, and take it all in.

4. Ditch the Map
Stop looking at getting lost as a stressful occasion, and find opportunity in it. If you wander off the beaten track, you will be able to discover things far from tourists’ eyes and known only to locals. There must be so much more in a destination than they tell us in travel agencies. Make it your goal to find out what.

5. Take a Walk
Sure, buses, rent-a-cars and other means of transport are OK when you are travelling a long distance, but if you just want to get around some city, take the most traditional transport mean of them all – your feet. You may end up changing your daily plans, depending on what you find along the way. You may end up wandering off to the nearest bottle shop, buying a bottle of white wine and making a picnic, or you find a secluded beach only the locals know about.

6. Befriend a Local
The easiest ways to travel like a local is to have a local friend who will let you in all of the secrets hidden from curious tourists’ eyes. Don’t spend your time protected in your own bubble, because you’ll miss many great opportunities. Not only can a local friend help you get to know your travel destination and show you all the best places to eat, sleep and explore, but also they can become a lifetime buddy to go to, whenever you want to go back.

Only when you upgrade your way of travel from touristy to comprehensive, you will see how big the difference between the two is. Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone.  After all, not all those who wander are lost.
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