How To Create A Blog Post.

If you asked me how I set up a blog post, I would tell you it's a lengthy process and there's so much more work involved than adding a picture to a bunch of text.

All those months ago when I first started blogging, I didn't realise just how much dedication goes into posting regularly and how much time it takes to publish and promote.  If you're new to blog land and need a few pointers, then this is the post for you.  If I had known half of these steps, when I first jumped on the blogging train, it would have made things much easier.  Let's start with:

I don't know why, but I always find it much easier to write a post, if I can open up a draft post and the pictures are already there. So let's say I have already taken and edited the pictures. When it comes to saving them, always save the photos with a name. I'm certainly no SEO Queen, however I do know if someone searches in google, for say Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, if your photos is saved as this instead of 03789, google has a much better chance of finding your picture. Photo 03789 would never be found.  Once edited and re-named, you can now save the photos to your draft post. Also click on the photo and head to properties. Name your post and give a brief description of what your post is about under 'Alt Tags'. Next off choose a:

I find these hard. Catchy titles are great, however sometimes straight to the point works best, i.e 'Review on Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette' or if you are writing a positivity piece, call it '5 Ways to Remain Positive'.  Think if you were searching for your post, what would you enter into the Google search bar?  Title and photos done, it's time to write the:

3. TEXT 
If ideas are flowing, I will write this as soon as I can. Writer's block?  I will save the photos and title and come back to it at a later date. Once the text is written, I read and re-read and then often check the following day, as I may have missed something. It is so important that grammar and spelling are correct. Your blog will appear more professional and polished. Of course there may be the odd error or auto-correction, no-one is perfect all the time.  You are now well on your way to completing your post, what next?  Of course, I am not one to preach on how you should complete your post, these few steps just work for me.  Next I add:

How To Create A Blog Post.

I link to any post in my archive which is relevant to the article I am writing.  If I mention a store, shop, mail order company or a product, I will add their website links as well.  I also add a:

This is the category your post will come under.  I have 6 categories; Beauty, Blogging, Haul, Lifestyle, Style and Travel. Add your label and like minded posts will be grouped together.  If I have taken pictures in a different location to normal or am abroad, I will also add a:

This will appear at the top of my posts under the date.  The location may seem tropical, but in fact, it may only be Norfolk.

At this stage, I will have saved my post, checked everything again and decided on whether to schedule the post for future or if I will publish now to fit in with my current schedule.  Once the post is live, it's important to promote your post.  Not in a pushy way, more of a 'I've written a post I'm proud of, I've nurtured it, it's made with love and I'd love you to read it' kind of way!

Here are the main steps I take to share my latest post:

1. Twitter
Tweet a few times to share your masterpiece. I find attaching a photo works wonders. Tweet at different times of the day. Schedule tweets for the early hours or late nights, so people all around the world don't miss out on the one post they want to read.

2. Pin to Pinterest

3. Add to Stumble Upon
A free book-marking website.

4. Promote from Bloglovin

5. Instagram
Add the photos to your instagram feed. If there are more than one, don't add all at the same time. Spread over a few days. Add relevant hashtags and tag any relevant companies, if you have written about their products or mentioned something relevant to them in your new post.

In a nutshell, these are the basics I do for every single post. It takes time, dedication and commitment, however as with all things, the more work you put in, the more you get out. Besides, if you have taken the time to write a post, perfect photos and spent time planning, surely you want to share with the audience you have?

Have I missed anything? What do you do to promote your posts and what steps do you take to concoct the perfect post? 

If you have any links to posts you could share that would be lovely! Thanks for reading and good luck with your blogs!