High Street Style: Featuring ASOS, Next and New Look

I'm quite sure every girl looks in their wardrobe at some point and thinks, 'well I've just nothing to wear'.  I keep thinking to myself, I need a good old clear out, but at the moment quite honestly lack motivation to get started. Clothes hang unloved and unworn. Some haven't seen the light of day for months. I seem to wear the same thing over and over again.

It came to a point where I wanted to add a few new items to inject a little life back into my wardrobe.
Clothes wise I am not really investing in too much at the moment. I want to lose inches, so it would be impractical and a waste of money. I'm just going to make the best of what I already have. Of course, I may have to pick a couple of new basics up along the way. ASOS, I'm looking at you!

Clothes buying ban aside, it did not stop me buying this Next striped shirt. In my defence I had a gift card which needed using up and it just about covered it.  This versatile shirt is uber soft, cool, loose and lightweight.  Ideal to wear with jeans or over a bikini poolside. It washes well with hardly no ironing required. The only point to note is the buttonholes are quite large, so if are blessed/cursed in the boob department, either size up or wear a cream cami underneath to protect modesty!

The black jeans shown are from Florence & Fred. Very soft (almost mole-skin like), with a zip fly, they are easy to style and comfortable. At just £16 they are a wardrobe staple. They are still in store, however I couldn't find them online. Find similar here.

High Street Style: Featuring ASOS, Next and New Look

High Street Style: Featuring ASOS, Next and New Look

The star of this mini haul is undoubtedly this backpack from New Look.  This lovely piece appears much more expensive than it is. Ideal to cram everything into, it's roomy in size and perfect for long city strolls or indeed meanders through country fields.  

The tan straps really set the bag off a treat, making any onlooker believe this backpack is much pricier than its £20 pricetag. 

I am obsessed with this bag. It's well made, looks the part and is very Burberry-esque

From inexpensive to bank breaking; I may feature a couple of luxury style pieces soon on my blog, so keep an eye out for these.

What have you picked up lately? Are you obsessed with ASOS like me? 

Photography: Maisie Smart