Why It's Time To Ditch The Do-nuts! get fit, health and fitness

Summer holiday time, must be the time of year most women dread the most.  After hiding under jumpers, tights and leggings for months, the inevitable day arrives when it's time to strip down to a skimpy bikini or swimsuit. 

I, like most women have mixed emotions. It's obviously a time to feel warm, chilled out and relaxed.  Time to get a little sun.  It's also a time to show all your wobbly bits.

Sitting on a sunlounger (the most uncomfortable ever) in Tenerife, I couldn't help but notice what a range of different sized women there are out there. And how some women, whether they are large or small carry off the smallest of swimwear with the utmost of confidence and with a 'I don't give two hoots' kind of attitude. 

Me, I wish I was like that. I am very self conscious and find myself hiding under a sarong or long dress. It's my own fault though. I mean, I love food. Not just bad food but ALL food. Load a plate of pasta, I'll eat it all. Stick a bowl of fruit in front of me, it's down the hatch. Chocolate is the ultimate temptation. Avocado, roast beef and Yorkshire puds, the list goes on. There is a point to this post I promise.  

Anyway it got me thinking. I want to slim down. Reduce my Kim K butt, lose those love handles, feel fitter and less sluggish.
Why It's Time To Ditch The Do-nuts! get fit, health, fitness

It's not just a vanity thing. Not to blow my own trumpet, but I am often told I am a pretty girl, but I want to feel good about myself. After a good holiday to Tenerife, we're planning on going much further next time around for a fantastic trip. I'm dreaming of Mexico, Cuba, Antigua. You get the drift.

I want to feel my absolute best and I have a year to do it. As well as feeling fantastic in a size 12 bikini instead of my current 18, I want to lose weight for health reasons. My lovely mum often reminds me of the risks of being overweight, and now is as good a time as any to cut out the crap. Eat tonnes of fruit and veggies, eat smaller portions and cut back on the sugar and bad fats. Avocados, you are still the love of my life.

I'm determined and I'm going to set goals. I don't own a set of bathroom scales and tend to go by how my clothes fit. If I can drop 3 dress sizes by next summer, I'll be an extremely happy girl.

I'll be posting my plans and motivational posts over the next few weeks/months.  I'll share recipes I have attempted, share tips which (hopefully) work for me. If you want to get fit with me, I'd love to know. Any support/encouragement/recipe sharing you feel you can offer, will be gratefully received. I may even share the odd photo to document how things are going. Now is the right time to crack this.

Beach body 2017, you will be mine. 
Photography: Maisie Smart