Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette, eyeshadow palette, eye makeup

Trying to track down Too Faced's elusive Sweet Peach Palette proved to be much harder than I first thought. One minute Sweet Peach was in stock on Sephora, the next sold out.  Private online dealers were selling for crazy prices, so I knew I had to bide my time and eventually, I would be able to pick this up for a sensible price.

Debenhams came to the rescue after weeks of watching their website, the palette came back in stock. So, was it worth the wait?

For me it has to be one of the sweetest releases of the summer. I've heard some say the packaging is verging on the tacky side. The pink/peach ombre style pencil tin certainly appeals to the teenager in me.  However the more mature side prefers something a little more classic these days.  That said, it's bright, cheery and makes me smile when I use it. 

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette.eyeshadow palette, eye makeup

To test the palette out, the first time I used it, I opted for Peaches 'N' Cream (bottom left hand corner) all over the eyelid with Bellini (middle row) through the crease. The pale cream shade was easy to blend but lacked pigmentation.  The colour was easy to build up though to provide a pretty wash of colour to the lids.  Bellini is a pretty rose gold, which as you would expect has much more depth of colour, than its lighter mate.  

To add a little more depth to my socket, I packed Cobbler (middle row, second in from the left) on top of Bellini and blended through my crease.  I was left with a pretty, everyday natural look.

The palette comes with a mix-match of 18 shades; neutral browns, peaches, purples and even a khaki green. I have read reviews where some users are unsure of which colours to pair together, as it has been said you could end up with a 'muddy' look.  I personally find using the pale muted colours with either the browns, purples or khaki colour separately, all create soft pretty looks.

Some of the shades are a little wishy-washy and lack depth. However this is something a good eyeshadow primer can fix.  Urban Decay's Primer Potion works particularly well in increasing any vibrancy.  All it takes is a little patience, building up the colour and careful blending.

I am excited to use this palette more and experiment with the colours, as many of the shades featured in this palette, I do not already own in my collection.

Too Faced's Sweet Peach Palette may have been completely over-hyped.  This time around I believe in the hype and am obsessed with this sweet scented peach palette.

Did you get your hands on this? What do you think; hit or miss?