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Today I just fancied a ramble, I'm not quite sure why. I am really enjoying blogging at the moment, I completely feel as though I have found my spark again and just wanted to chat.

I am working with Underline Designs at the moment, so expect a new design soon.  I constantly say I'm not going to change layouts for a while, however I'm always looking for ways to improve and always want to try different things. No disrespect to Pipdig, I am a true fan.  Their templates are excellent, the customer service is fantastic and Phil is one of the most helpful guys ever.  However, I had a review done on my blog recently and it really made me think. The reviewee liked my blog, however basically said that everyone has a Pipdig template and yes many do. I fancy a complete change, I'm quite sure I will be back one day, however for now I want something a little different. If you have a Pipdig template, do not be offended I love their templates, I just want something more unique. So stay tuned as this will be coming soon.

Schedule-wise, I am back to posting on Tuesday and Thursday but at 5pm and Sunday at 9pm (GMT).  I will be on holiday when you read this (I may have mentioned this once or twice) and am taking a trusty notebook and pen with me to brainstorm. I am thinking cocktails, suncream and new threads are completely going to inspire me. I am also planning on some kind of Look Book, for when I return, not quite sure how I'm going to do it. I am hoping to get to grips with my Olympus Pen and see what I can come up with. 

Lately I also put my hand in my pocket and bought some cracking stickers from Dorkface (Jemma). 

Yes, I am lax on commenting on blogs and I apologise. My resolution for July when I am back in the UK is to comment more on blogs, as I spend a tonne of free time reading up on all the latest goings on.  I also want to tune in to more chats. I really want to and just need to make some more time. Anyway, as I was saying I am really impressed by Jemma's lovingly made stickers so decided I wanted to give some to you... Ideal for blog planners, to brighten up notebooks and all sorts.  I am currently doing an NVQ at work, everyone else has boring black folders and put it this way, mine will be top of the pile. Great job Jem. 

If you would like to win your own awesome pack of stickers, please complete the mandatory steps in the Rafflecopter below. Oh, and it's international - yay! Good Luck. Also check out Jemma's blog and shop, we should support fellow bloggers.

Another blogger offering all kinds of services (steady on, it's not like that), is Caitlin, or as we know her Through the Mirror. She offers blog reviews, brand colours, editing services and blog photography. All reasonably priced with a quick turn-around. Definitely another girl to check out.

That's all for now folks, don't forget to enter the giveaway below to win some 'brighten-up-your day fabulous' stickers. Talking of giveaways I am also currently handing over an elusive Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette', to enter click here.