5 Ways To Achieve A Flawless Base, skin, complexion, foundation, base

Before you deal with your lashes and lipstick it's time to get that complexion in check. Get the base right and then you can throw any eye or lip combo to the mix. Here are my top 5 tips to achieving a polished look. 

1. Look after your skin.
It may sound obvious but if you have great skin, it's much easier to achieve a great base. I take great pride in looking after my skin. I am lucky that it is clear and blemish free, however I do think that half of it is down to good genes and half because I take care of it.  I never wear makeup to bed, drink tonnes of water, don't smoke and invest in a regular skin care routine.

2. Start with a clean base.
Before I apply any foundation/base, I always carry out my usual skincare routine; cleanse, tone, use any face oils/serums/mists I require that day. Then I apply moisturiser.  I let this soak well into the skin before applying primer.

As I've become more makeup savvy, I now understand the importance of a good primer. There are so many on the market, all tailored for different skin types and needs. Find your perfect partner and makeup will apply better, last longer and leave a lovely finish to the skin.

4. Clean tools.
I do try to keep my foundation brushes/beauty blenders clean.  Realistically I try to clean them every 10 days. Your base will apply so much better.  Want to see how I get my brushes like new, click here.

5. Blend.
Whether you prefer to use fingers, sponge or foundation brush, blending is key.  Make sure the foundation you are applying matches your skin tone and suits your skin type. Apply to the centre of the base and blend outwards to the hairline.  On occasions it has taken me up to fifteen minutes to blend my foundation in.  For more coverage you can also stipple (push) the product into the skin using a flat top brush.  

Follow these tips, and you are well on your way to achieving a flawless base.  For more on applying foundation, head here

What are your tip tips for applying foundation?