Anyone else have a serious sweet tooth? Do you hover in the kitchen waiting until you're alone to devour that bag of Cadbury's Chocolate Buttons? Or have one too many biscuits with your cup of tea on a Saturday afternoon? You are not alone my friend.  I am quite sure all us girlies (and guys) love a sweet treat and here is where Rhythm 108 may be able to help.

Giving into my sweet side, Rhythm 108's 'Good-For-You' Dessert Bars are seriously good. Using pure ingredients these tasty bites are not packed with refined sugar. They are delicious and actually fairly good for you (in moderation), here's why....

* Gluten free.
* No added sugar.
* Organic.
* Clean, wholefood ingredients.
* Source of fibre and calcium.
* 1 of  your 5 a day.

The GFY Dessert Bars come in everyone's favourite dessert flavours and can even be warmed up. I'm partial to a cup of tea at 3, and these go down a treat. My absolute favourite is Coconut Macaroon. Seriously tasty and dare I say it, not quite as sickly as a Bounty. Just yum. And moreish. I think I may have just found my new favourite treats.

So next time you find yourself heading towards that cookie jar or opening that fridge door to polish off the remainder off those Buttons, think for a minute and give these a go. You will obviously need to stock up first, so head here, so you don't miss out. 

There's 10% off online, using coupon code DESSERTBAR

Has anyone tried these? What do you think? What treats are you partial to - sweet/savoury?

*This post contains PR samples.