My Dream Of Becoming A Top Blogger, blogging

Seriously. I do. But, do I really have to keep up with weekly Shellac's? Have LVL lash lifts or regular colonics?

Does my Instagram HAVE to be edited within an inch of its life and have a theme? And, is it compulsory to wear designer threads and holiday monthly? Sure it'd be lovely, in reality it may not happen.

So for now, this is my plan and hopefully my route to getting there.

See, I don't know about you, but I love writing. As a great man once said to me, I can now consider myself a 'journalist' and not class myself as a 'blogger'.  Of course there's nothing wrong with being a blogger perse, however I do treat this as a second job and am completely serious about earning serious money from it one day.

So, as I was saying here's the plan:

1. I am going to continue to write and publish the best content I can.

2. Approach brands to work with them (and work on improving my media kit).

3. Improve all aspects of blogging. 

4. Work on providing swatches even if they all appear on Instagram.

5. Maybe in the future migrate to Wordpress (I still have the heebie jeebies about this) and invest in the snazziest design I can afford.

6. Book a camera course. Learn to use that Olympus Pen the best way possible.

7. Have professional outfit and profile pictures taken.

8. Attend as many events/soirees/social occasions as possible. NETWORK!!!

My Dream Of Becoming A Top Blogger, blog, blogging

See, I may not have the most polished Instagram (yet), I may not have a designer wardrobe (even though I'm working on this), business class seats, a size 8 frame or the latest Chloe bag.  But what I do have is passion, commitment and the desire to succeed.  And I am a self-confessed perfectionist.

For now fellow bloggers, budding journalists and beauty junkies, it's time to get serious and to continue on this writing quest.

In a couple of years from now I could be strutting through Heathrow in my Louboutins. You never know where all this may lead.....

Photography: Maisie Smart