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Recently my skin has felt more dehydrated and dry than usual. Surprising as the cold months seem to be well behind us and things are hotting up. I truly believe in looking after your skin, so as well as increasing my water intake, I have also introduced 2 new products into my day-to-day routine to see if they would make a difference.

I have a tonne of health supplements and vitamins and minerals, of which I admit I am pretty lax at taking. I start with good intentions and it really is a little hit or miss as to whether I continue. 

When Clarins' Double Serum (containing Pycnogenol) and a bottle of the dietary supplement dropped through the door, I vowed to use both together, as recommended, to see if this would improve things.

Clarins Double Serum & A Natty Dietary Supplement, clarins, skincare, pycnogenol

Why take Pycnogenol (or use beauty products containing the ingredient)?

1. Enhances skin elasticity to promote glowing and healthy skin.

2. Is 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E.

3. It protects the skin from UV damage and sun exposure (the skin is more resistant to the sun's harmful effects).

4. The only natural supplement to stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin.

5. A natural anti-inflammatory, which suggests to improve acne scarring. 

6. Accelerates wound healing.

What I discovered.

Clarins Double Serum is a two phase system (oil and a water) 'rich in 20 plant extracts'. As suggested I dispense a couple of drops into the palms of my hand, mix together and massage into the skin. I must point out this is more like applying a facial oil to the skin as opposed to a typical serum, which I actually prefer. The products soaks quickly into the skin and leaves no oily residue, just the feeling of a plumped up, ultra smooth and soft complexion. The lightweight texture makes me believe this would suit skin of all ages.

Using this over the last few weeks, makes it hard to back up any anti-ageing claims, however I have definitely noticed an improvement to my skin. Dryness is reduced, my skin tone appears much smoother, so of course any base product applies much easier. The redness in my cheeks has certainly improved. The general appearance I would say looks more balanced.

I have found less need to use any moisturiser, as this hydrates so beautifully, it also acts as a fantastic primer extending the wear of any foundation.

I am unsure as to whether my skin has improved so much due to using Double Serum and the supplement in conjunction with each other or if it has been down to the serum or capsules alone. Like I say I am lax when it comes to taking any type of supplements.  Long after the capsules run out I am certainly going to continue using this wonder product from Clarins.

This is definitely one of my top products from 2016 so far, I am completely hooked. If you're a skincare addict, this is one product you should add to the top of your wish-list!

Have you tried Double Serum, what do you think? Do you take any health supplements?

*This post contains PR samples.