Allergy Awareness Week: With Allergy UK., La Roche Posay

Currently in the UK alone, allergies affect around 21 million people. Whenever I come into contact with horses, my eyes itch and stream and I cannot stop sneezing. Strange, when I think back to my Pony Club days where all I talked about were horses and the latest show-jumping competition we were heading off to. My love of horses and animals far outways any allergy I may have now or indeed in the future and if I wanted a new friend it wouldn't stop me from getting one.
As my love for beauty products and skin care has grown over the last few years, when products turn up which are almost friendly towards allergy sufferers I am tempted to try them, as know they should be gentle on my skin.
When Allergy UK emailed me wanting to send a box of goodies, all suitable for people with (and without) allergies, I jumped at the chance.  Here's the low down on the lovely stand-out products I received.

La Roche Posay's Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour promises to hydrate the sensitive area around the eyes, decrease puffiness and to soothe irritated skin from seasonal allergies. As we head towards the warmer months this could be a welcome addition to anyone's beauty kit. I've not used this cream long enough to notice a real difference. However it is lightweight, it doesn't irritate my eyes, it's cooling and has seemed to hydrate the dry areas particularly well. As you all know anything new can irritate my ultra (ridiculously) sensitive eyes. This hasn't and so fingers crossed so far, I may have just discovered the one! I love it.

Alongside the eye cream, La Roche's Toleriane Ultra moisturiser (suitable for the face and eyes) is the absolute perfect accompaniment. Using this for just a few days soothed any irritate skin I had on my face. I am prone to a rosy complexion which sometimes can look a little on the angry side. Toleriane Ultra really helps to provide relief from any discomfort and is ideal for sensitive skin. Both products from La Roche I am definitely going to continue to use.  The lightweight packaging of both makes them perfect to pop in any suitcase this summer.

Over the last few weeks my under-arms have been really irritated. Blimey, all these irritations and sensitivity issues I have seem to make me the most perfect candidate to trial all these products!! I can't blame it on hygiene as I am bath and shower addict. I always love to feel clean. I switched deodorant to a supermarket brand, so am pretty sure this could be the cause. 

Native's Unearthed Natural Deodorant is 'no-nonsense, honest and reliable'. Packed with only natural mineral salts and aloe vera this is one hard working cookie. The salts contain anti-microbial properties to prevent odour.  I have given this a swipe on more than a couple of occasions now and it is so very gentle and I still feel fresh come tea-time. Great, great, great. And no more underarm irritation for me. 
Allergy UK also sent me a natural nail polish, black eyeliner and mascara all from NATorigin to try. I haven't had a chance to trial these yet, however as and when I do I will let you know how I get on.
If you wish to support Allergy UK, need further information or want to get involved with National Allergy Awareness Week, please head here for more information.
Do you suffer from any allergies, are there are products you could recommend for sensitive/irritated skin types? As always drop any comments below.

*This post contains PR samples.