A Quick Life And Blog Update

Let's just start by going ahh.... 

I seriously had no idea which photo to publish with this post and my camera skills weren't really on point today. This post cannot wait for a photo, it's one to publish immediately. 

I thought it was about time I sat down and just typed. You see for a few reasons I haven't really been feeling myself lately. You've probably noticed a lack of blog posts and here's why:

1. First off, I started a new job last October. It was target driven and let's just say it didn't work out. I'm a service/admin girl through and through and accepting a 'hard sell' job was a big mistake. All I can say, is you don't know until you try something where it will lead or how you will get on.  I left and am now job searching.  Along with decorating, walking around the block, organising and of course blogging.

2. The pressures of the job, made my heart sink every morning when I had to pledge how many sales I would make that day. And it got harder. I feel relieved that the pressure has now disappeared.

3. I have a tonne of blog posts planned, I just need to get back in the groove and write away. I feel as though my writing skills have somewhat departed, however hopefully they will be back really soon. Talking of which if there is anyone out there who would be happy to write an original guest post, please email or tweet me. There would be virtual hugs for sure and virtual wine/tea.

4. Schedule wise, I am going to try to get back to a regular blogging schedule and go back to my beauty roots.  As I've said, I have a tonne of posts to write, it's just putting the words to paper.

Not much else will change around here, however I am hoping to post much more consistently and for the content to be top notch.

Thanks for reading.