Makeup Tools: A New Blending Sponge From Maybelline, makeup, makeup application, blending sponge.

Beauty blending sponges seem to be everywhere these days and pretty popular. I must admit, I do get on well with a Beauty Blender and find makeup looks pretty flawless and blends into the skin beautifully. So of course when Maybelline launched their Dream Blender for £4.99, it made sense to see if this measured up to its predecessors. 

Topshop's version was a let down. The second time around I came to love and constantly use Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The Beauty Blender is still top of the charts. The fact that Maybelline released a sponge on a stick really did fill me with intrigue and just had to be tested. 

So just how did Maybelline's version stack up?

First off this sponge (whether used wet or dry) soaked up the foundation terribly. So instead of using your normal one or two pumps, this required a tonne more product. Blending was incredibly difficult and it left a striped effect across the skin even when using the stippling method. Maybelline recommend using the sponge dry and bounce on and off the skin. The sponge didn't seem to distribute any product and left skin looking patchy, covering one area of skin and not another. 

On a more positive note the pointed tip of the sponge is suitable to blend foundation around the nose and all those harder areas to reach.

The Dream Blender, unfortunately doesn't live up to its name and for me is not worth spending a fiver on. Invest in the Miracle Complexion Sponge instead from RT.

Has anyone else tried this? What do you think?