Five Helpful Blog Tips

New year, fresh start. It keeps rolling on doesn't it.? With all the posts popping up on Twitter and in my Bloglovin feed, I thought it was time to publish my top 5 blogging tips. It's time to jazz those blogs up, think of it as a quick spring clean for your blog. Without further ado, let's get cracking.

1. Take inspiration from comments left.
I often find if someone has left a thought-provoking comment or suggested a new product. I'll either think of a post or buy a must have to review.

2. Proof read before you publish (I'm just hoping there are no errors in this post, now that would be embarrassing).
Your post is important to you, after all you've written it. Re-read before you hit that publish button. Sometimes leave it 24 hours before you publish and make sure it all reads ok. If brands are reading your blog and contemplating working with you, if your blog is grammatically correct and spelt right, it will appear more editorial.

3. Publish original content.
Write a review on a product that you haven't read a review on yet. It may be just the product someone wants to read about, however mundane it seems. What about that £2 face wash you use? If it's great, tell us. If it's awful, let us know. Write a blog you'd like to read. And no way are you restricted in what you can write. Write about what you want.

4. Blogs can take a long time to grow.
It takes extreme hard work and dedication to write a blog regularly. If you persevere, publish good content and post regularly, your blog will grow organically. It just takes time. And with all things, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

5. Don't blog for freebies.
It takes time and dedication to publish regular content. Luckily, I now get sent a regular stream of products to review. This is an absolute bonus. In no way did I imagine when I started my blog over 2 years ago that I would get sent stuff to review. It's a privilege that brands want to work with you. Don't just have something sent as it's free, agree to brands posting out goodies, because you want to try them and are interested in what they are sending to you.

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