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The health of our skin depends on how we maintain it. Maintenance can be in the form of what you eat, apply or how you wash. The skin problems that we experience are as a result of failures in some areas or the mistakes that we make unknowingly. 20 is the dating age where most people are seeking for perfection in terms of beauty. In the process, they make a lot of mistakes that end up offering the opposite results. The following are the mistakes you could be making:

1.     Over washing 
Washing is a recommended practice for proper skin health care. It removes the accumulated dirt that would otherwise clog the pores, causing occurrence of acne or skin rashes. Since you are struggling to make it perfect, you over wash with the aim of removing all the dirt but what do you get in return? Dry, pale skin that has been stripped of all its natural oils. In addition, using hot water to wash you face also makes your skin dry. Therefore, wash your face only twice a day and avoid washing it too much at one instance. I understand you are trying to get rid of that oily skin by using hot water but unfortunately, it goes to the extreme ends of drying your skin completely. Warm water is the most recommended for reasonable washing. Remember to moisturise with the best sunscreen after washing.

2.      Eating unhealthy food for the skin
You may be struggling so much using the external substances to make your skin perfect but the results are still not appealing. Why? All the external trials can be in vain if what is inside is not good. Therefore, as you try to make your skin perfect start from the inside by eating healthy food. Avoid fatty and sugary food substances to reduce oiliness and occurrence of acne. Maximise consumption of fruit and vegetable because they are great in nourishing the skin.

3.     Sleeping with makeup on
The 20's is the age where most people go for parties at night and come back very late when they are exhausted. Therefore, most sleep with makeup on, because of the lack of energy to remove. This is the worst mistake that you could be making. Leaving makeup on your skin overnight can result in rashes or acne due to clogging the pores.

4.      Forgetting to protect the skin against the sun
When summer comes, most people get excited about the sunny weather, but they forget the negative effects it can have. Wearing sunscreen is the most common way of shielding the skin from UV rays. Therefore, as you shop for summer, don’t forget to buy the best sunscreen to shield your precious winter skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

5.     Using dirty makeup brushes
You are probably late for your date and the last thing you were doing was applying makeup. Most leave makeup brushes on their cabinets and promise themselves to clean them when they come back. Cleaning never happens because the only time you think about makeup is when you want to get to that next urgent date. You end up using the dirty makeup brushes and the cycle continues. Dirty brushes accumulate bacteria every day and when you come back for reuse without washing you apply bacteria on your face together with makeup. 

6.     Using miracle products
Most people between the ages of 20 and 30 want to look their very best to attract their future partners. For this reason, most of them fall into the trap of stocking up on beauty products that promise to produce immediate positive changes. Unfortunately, severe negative changes follow. Some of these products can cause puffiness under the eyes in addition to the skin. It is recommended for you to use the certified beauty products that have been tested.

Skin is the most sensitive part of the body that requires maximum attention from individuals. This is a challenge that most people are able to overcome. Perfection is almost an impossible thing but avoiding the common mistakes that we make draws us closer to it. Therefore, let us try as much as possible to do what the skin requires for optimum health.

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Ella James is an aspiring author who is pursuing Health Services Administration degree from St. Petersburg College. She is an active contributor to Consumer Health Digest, which is a leading Health News. In recent years, she had the opportunity to write Dermaset reviews. Get connected with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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