New Year's Goals 2016

2016 is here..........HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Why is that when Big Ben strikes midnight, the old year seems to be forgotten and the new one promises such big things? I love a new year, there's just something about leaving all the s@%$ behind from the previous year and looking forward to new things.

Excited, is not the word! I have a great feeling about 2016. Who knows what's in store, but I for one just have this massive feeling it is going to be a fantastic year.

Instead of stating the obvious (i.e. get in shape, save money, work hard, loose weight, eat less etc), I have devised a list of 12 things I really want to achieve/work towards. Let's go...

1.  Eat healthier - I love all food, my plan is eat more of the good stuff.  I am quite sure avocados will become my best friend this year. Eat everything in moderation and to watch what I put in my body. After all it is a temple!

2. Read more books - apparently the norm is to read 20 books a year.

3. Get my blog in order - grow my audience, crack SEO and be a better blogger (more on this later).

4. Use up the makeup I already have - be more experimental. Buy less. In fact buy less of EVERYTHING.

5.  Keep my nails in better condition - paint more, use more cuticle oil, have regular manicures. You get the drift, it's all about the maintenance.

6. Be less anxious - to stop worrying about things that haven't even happened, to not stress out about ridiculous things and worry only about things that do matter.

7. Go to everything I am asked to/make the most of opportunities (if I am already free).

8. Catch up with old friends and spend more time with family.

9. Learn something new - whether it be to perfect that recipe (or even learn it), take a course or learn a new skill.

10. Become more active - enrol in a local aerobics class and continue going for walks at the weekend.

11. Devise a capsule wardrobe/declutter.

12. Travel more - even if it's to a local place I haven't been before.

Oh, and I nearly forgot I want to:

Change my glasses to get a stronger prescription, donate blood and make a budget plan!

Do you have similar goals to me? Drop it below and finally, I just had to add this quote I found online.....

It's never too late to start over. If you weren't happy with yesterday, try something different today. Don't stay stuck.