Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation, foundation, base, superdrug

You would be in the minority if you're a beauty geek and you hadn't tried or at least heard of Collection's Lasting Perfection concealer. When the team behind this concealer released their Illuminating Touch Foundation, I for one could not wait to give it a go. I love their award winning concealer and I had high expectations. 

I mean, an already well-loved concealer and a brand spanking new illuminating foundation, it could be the winning team. I picked up the shade Ivory 2 (the shade range offers 6 shades from Porcelain to Golden).

I'd read tonnes of reviews on this foundation and were interested to read some fairly mixed views. Some raving about it as though it was the new budget friendly Nars Sheer Glow, others not so sure. Well here's the low down, personally I didn't like it one bit. 

Instead of being lightweight and easy to blend, I found I.T. gloopy, thick and really, really hard to blend into the skin. I found the coverage patchy, it clung to every single dry patch and sunk into pores to make them much more exaggerated than they were originally. I don't know why or how, but this foundation seemed to highlight all the problem areas. I have pretty clear skin however it made my skin look worse than it does without any kind of base.

It made my sensitive eyes sting, to the point where they looked quite blood-shot and I couldn't stop rubbing them.

There's nothing more to say, other than I wouldn't recommend I.T.  In fact in my opinion it is one of the worst makeup products I have tried in a long time. Sorry Collection, I love your much hyped concealer, but this base did nothing at all for me.