A Quick One & a Survey

How has everyone's start to January gone? Still feeling the effects from Christmas? Have you signed up for Weight Watcher's yet or joined the gym? How's the de-cluttering going? I have a massive to do list. The first thing on my list this year, is to give our office/blog room a complete make-over. Deciding on wall colours, is somewhat confusing and the desk issue is a whole other matter.

As well as a decorating project I am looking at sorting out BBB's Schedule.  Since I started my new job and worked out how much free time I will have, it looks as though I will be able to post twice a week. 

I have just set up a quick survey, which I am hoping you guys can do. Then I will be able to establish the best times to post, I will let you know when the results are in and when future posts will be published. 

The survey will take moments to complete, please head over and hit that submit button.

Thanks and have an awesome day! I told you it would be a quick one!