As you are all aware, I am on a purge. Using stuff up, satisfyingly adding all these empty bottles, lotions and jars to the recycling pile and then writing about them. Our house is currently upside down, as we are having a new bathroom fitted. Being the neat freak that I am I have decided to have a good old clear out. so no unwanted or quite frankly crap products make their way back to my shiny new storage cupboard. 

I've come to the conclusion, that as well as using products up, when I do buy something new, I need to figure out exactly what I already have and to stop spending money on things I don't need. For instance I love the Balm's Frat Boy, but to buy an almost identical shade would be pointless and a complete waste of money. If I buy a new mascara it has to be something that I have not tried before (unless I am re-purchasing an old favourite) or that promises to do something to my lashes that products before haven't manage to do. I need to research.

With all the skincare I already have, I am trying to create a new routine with products I already own. I decided to gather all my skincare together in one pile. So tossed everything onto the bed, from the bathroom, my bedside drawers, my other drawers and from the Boots' bags I had left in the boot of my car. Ooops I'd forgotten about those! My excuse is that I there were hiding amongst Christmas parcels!  I could see exactly what I had, where I'd bought things un-necessarily and there were also some products seriously lacking from my inventory.

If you wish to organise and set up some kind of inventory, this is how I did it:

Clear a Space. Use a table or bed.

Gather EVERYTHING. Skincare, cleansers, toners, mascaras, blush, lip glosses, lip liners, lipstick (gloss and matte). Lashes, moisturiser, brushes, face masks, foundations, exfoliators, body lotions etc.

Group like items together. As above.

Select what you wish to use in your current routine. Use half empty products up first. Then select one back-up for each item. Keep the empty products to review in future (I'm assuming you're a beauty blogger)!

Store other items. It's time to clear out those Muji makeup drawers and add everything back in a neat, orderly fashion. Clear stuff out you don't use and bin out-of date products. Pass decent products that you won't use onto friends and family.

As you store products keep a tally for each individual category. Keep these on your phone, so when you shop, you know not what to buy. Remember to keep the list updated.

Keep a note of products needed. Either in a notepad or on your phone. A running shopping list will keep you focused.

Store all travel sized items in one place.  Easy to reach for if you have a trip away or are off to the gym. 

Wash out any empty containers you wish to keep.  Have a lovely Aesop empty hand wash? Decant your cheaper supermarket alternative for a luxe look.

Using these steps means I have stopped wasting money on products I already have tonnes of. There is less makeup/skincare clutter everywhere. I have a new skincare routine. I have re-discovered make-up I had forgotten all about. I am using stuff up.  And you know what they say? Tidy space, tidy mind!

Are you an organisation freak like me? Are you going to set up your own inventory?