Well hey there! If you're a new reader, have been reading for months or for the last 2 years then thanks for stopping by.

I don't know how but my spark for blogging seems to have returned.  Can I have a hallelujah?! I got to the point, where to be honest I nearly gave up. I couldn't take a good photo to save my life. Knew what I wanted to write, however I couldn't put the words to paper. I would miss blogging though so much. I love writing, finding that perfect shot and gossiping to you guys like we're old friends. I'm sorry I have been a little AWOL lately, there's no excuse. Time has completely flown by and I literally just don't seem to have had time. I'm hoping over the next few weeks though, that I will have more time to work on my blog and chat to you guys. And read some blogs!! 

Here's what's helped me to get back in the game:

1. A snazzy new blog design from Pipdig. Being so indecisive this has changed monthly as I try to find something I am happy with. This is finally here to stay. Click on each box, it lets you know what the post is about and you can then read from there. I have promised myself once I hit 5,000 Bloglovin followers, I will install a custom design. For now I am happy.

2. A new header. Beautiful, monochrome and I hope stylish. Designed by the lovely Jemma from Dorkface. I'm hoping I now have a brand. Business cards are on order, everything matches. Perfect!

3. Brainstorming. I have so many ideas, I am hoping I can publish them all! I will be publishing monthly favourites (regularly), the duds, empties and rediscoveries. 

4. Project Purge. You don't need to spend money to blog (I have a whole post dedicated to this matter coming soon). It's all about making great content with products you already have.

5. Photos. I've treated myself to an Olympus Pen. Yes, the iPhone takes good pictures, however I wanted great pictures. The quality is great and sharp with this camera. I'm hoping in the future to do more outfit posts. The lens picks up every single freckle on your face, so am wanting to publish more photos of makeup looks and swatches as well. My love of photography finally made me invest in this wonderful camera.

6. I'm still working on a schedule. Yes, I want to post regularly, however I am starting my new job tomorrow and know it's going to be somewhat hectic. Once I know how often I am able to post great content, I will let you know. It will be at least twice a week for sure.

So you see my passion for blogging never really stopped I just needed some new ideas and a fresh look. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for a tonne of stuff coming up very soon.