Guest Post: Top Beauty Tips for the Autumn

With the weather changing with the seasons, it’s important that you change your beauty regime accordingly. With each new season you should make sure to look out for tips and tricks that will keep you looking amazing throughout the year.

We are now a month into autumn and if you haven’t begun to change your beauty routine, it’s not too late to do so. At Allcures we have come up with some great tips that will help you to look great during this autumn season.

1. Skin Care
The colder weather can leave your skin feeling much drier and flakier, so it’s vital that you begin to use products that will hydrate your skin and keep it looking and feeling softer than ever. Making sure that you get in to a regular moisturising routine is essential, changing your current moisturiser to a product that is creamier and much richer. Make sure you exfoliate before you moisturise, during autumn you should try using oil-based scrubs as they gently remove old skin cells without drying out the skin. For moisturising the rest of your body, opting for thicker creams rather than lotions are also a great move as they provide a strong oily barrier which prevents the skin from becoming dry.

2. Hair
The autumnal breeze and rain is definitely a worry when it comes to your hair as it can lead to extreme frizz and breakage.  Adding argan oil into your hair care regime will do your hair wonders, as it will strengthen and thicken your hair. This is down to the Vitamin E and fatty acids found in argan oil to help renew and restore hair follicles. There are plenty of products on the market containing this saviour, so be sure to look out for shampoos and conditioners with this ingredient. Deep conditioning is another way that you can rejuvenate the moisture and elasticity lost during those hot summer months. You can create your own deep conditioner using natural oils such as coconut oil, or you can simply buy one. We’ve created a great guide for caring for your hair this autumn, so for some more great tips check it out.

Hands & Nails
Looking after your hands and nails, is important as they are constantly exposed, meaning that they are likely to suffer from dryness during autumn. This is such an easy problem to avoid by simply investing in a good, moisturising hand cream which will keep your hands hydrated and soft. The colder weather can also cause damage to your nails, making them more brittle so make sure you begin to file them on a weekly basis to avoid any breakage. Investing in some cuticle oil is another great way to keep your nails protected. Autumn is a great time to try out some darker nail varnish shades, such as deep purples, blacks and dark reds. So get ready to ditch those summer pastel shades and start showing off your autumn nails.