The Film: Wild, review of wild film, reese witherspoon

One of my favourite things to do to relax, is to curl up with a good film at night. The washing up's done. The cats have been fed and the packed lunches have been made for the following day. It's time to open the wine/make the popcorn/put the kettle on, for some down-time.

I have seen tonnes of movies over the years, more recently Spy, Fast 7 (yes I cried), The Theory of Eveything (I cried again) and San Andreas. Blockbusters, autobiographical, rom-coms, love stories, action and thrillers. I love them all. I draw the line at horror. I cannot watch a horror film. I'd have no sleep and no amount of This Works' Pillow Spray would help me to drift off.

When Wild was released, I missed catching it at the cinema, so as soon as it came to DVD I snapped it up and planned a film night with Mum.

Reese Witherspoon steps away from her usual ditzy, blonde character and plays Cheryl Strayed. In a nutshell, Cheryl's mother passes away, she goes off the rails, takes drugs and doesn't have a very good time.

This true story shows her story of redemption as she hikes 1,100 miles across the Pacific Crest Trail from the Mojave Desert to the Oregon/Washington border. Strayed barely knew how to put up a tent, let alone make a solo journey. On this 'walk' of a lifetime she tries to make sense of life and of losing her mother.  Wild is strangely uplifting, motivating and it captured just how much spirit this woman has about her. She is one tough cookie.

A perfect Saturday night film. A little slow, but stay with it as it really does have a 'feel good' vibe about it.