STYLE: Anyone Can Wear Stripes, Whatever their Shape.

Every year the rails of the high street are stocked up with stripey clothing for every part of your body. The French Riviera/nautical theme is popular year in, year out. There is certainly a stigma attached that women over a certain size should not wear stripes.  Well I think we should hit back, stand our ground and yell from the rooftops, 'hey, we can all wear stripes'. 

Of course, many of us would love to be the ideal sized ten or even happy with a size 12.  In the real world, we are all different shapes, sizes and heights. 

I say, let's channel our inner French Riviera selves and wear stripes. They're classic, so chic and easy to style whatever your dress size or shape. And I believe after doing some research that stripes can flatter any shape.

If you're an Apple, wear thin, vertical stripes, which appear more slimming. Thin stripes will elongate your silhouette and draw attention from where you carry weight on your tummy area.

Big busted with a tiny waist and wide hips?  You're an Hourglass. The ultimate pin-up girl. Lucky for you lovely lady, you can wear stripes however you wish. If you do venture to the nautical side, make sure the stripes all go the same way, this will accentuate your figure.

Pear-shaped?  Chances are your shoulders are much less narrow than your hips, so wear stripes on your top half. If you wish to wear that striped skirt on your bottom half make sure the stripes run vertically.

Lucky enough to be Petite?  Then go for vertical stripes to make you appear taller.

Straight Up/Straight Down? You should be strutting that catwalk girl! Opt for thick vertical stripes to make you appear curvier. Wear a variety of different stripes to create more curves.

So you see, stripes suit everyone. What shape are you? And just how do you wear your stripes?