So it appears I am in ANOTHER rut. Seriously, how did this happen? Just when I think I have my blogging mojo back, it dwindles.  Mind you, there has been a lot going on around these parts, so let’s start with an update.

If you were expecting an update on Bean’s Bookshelf and the books I had planned to read, well unfortunately this hasn’t really gone according to plan. Apart from the odd page turned, I haven’t had time to read one chapter, let alone three books. Fear not book worms, this is just on the back burner, I will definitely be reading and posting a review at some point. However to read three books was a little ambitious and busy days and nights has resulted in a serious lack of literary action.

Career wise, I have landed myself a new job. Working in insurance for the last 9 years seems to have taken its toll. The constant barrage of unhappy people on the phone can leave you feeling flat. After working on the service team and dealing with a tonne of complaints, secondment on training and a quick stint in auditing, it was time for a change.

So due to a tonne of interviews, CV swatching, aptitude tests and sleepness nights, my blog has felt a little neglected.  But I have a brand new, shiny job waiting for me with WH Brown Estate Agents, and do you know what? I cannot wait.  A fresh challenge, something to boost my confidence and a completely different role, I am looking forward to a new start.

On to exciting news. I recently have been included on Rebatezone’s website as one of the top 50 Beauty Blogs in the UK.  Tonnes of blogs listed are among some of my all-time favourites, so for BBB to be listed at number 19 put a smile on my face. Want to check out these fab blogs and some of my favourite reads, then just click here.

I’m still unsure of where my blog is heading. My head is seriously lacking in ideas. So much so, that at one point I considered stopping, however my better judgement gave me a nod in the right direction and I soon realised quitting was not an option. Two years of hard work down the drain? I don't think so.

I kind of have an idea of where I want everything to go.  I want to do themed weeks or a series, but it just seems a little long while coming. So I apologise in advance if posts lacking for a little while, it’s because I’m waiting for the cogs to start turning, to bring you some great new content (I won't be posting for a little while). Please bare with me and keep watching this space for new ideas and maybe a new look (if you have been reading a while, you will know I love switching things up and changing – ever the perfectionist, always seeking something better and different). If there are any topics you'd like covered, then please let me know. 

Lastly for all you serious bloggers out there, this may be of interest to you.  Want to organise your blog and create some killer content? Then enter my giveaway to win your very own super blog planner.  This cracking little book will have you organised and inspired in no time at all.  If sadly you don’t win, then click this link to order your very own.  

For now, 


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