Bean's Beauty Blog, Update, Keep you in the picture

When I decided to take a break from blogging, it took ages to think of the direction in which I wish my blog to go. Then all of a sudden a light bulb went off and I couldn't stop scribbling down ideas.

After much thought, it seems I have tonne of posts to get out there and quite frankly, if I was posting just twice a week all the thoughts rattling around in my brain, would mean I would have posts ready right up until December time, by which time they may be irrelevant.

So with that in mind after Drugstore Week (next week), I will post on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7am.

If the content does dry up a little, I may revert back to twice weekly, but I will let you know as always if that does happen.

I also have been thinking about branching out slightly, so yes there will still be tonnes of beauty posts, however I am also going further afield, so there will be more posts on style. There will be Bean's Book shelf; where I review the books I have read and if it's worth you picking up a copy. Also when this starts feel free to read along with me. Tweet me or leave a comment any time.

I plan on doing more blog/organisational type posts and plenty more travel inspired. So you see this will be like an online magazine and you will be able to get your fix 3 times a week. There should be something for everyone!

You may have noticed I have also changed the layout. I have been struggling with how I wanted BBB to look for months. I was fairly happy, but not entirely.  After many discussions with the very patient and professional Phil at Pipdig, I decided on this template, I wanted more of a Wordpress style look, however I had a quick look at WP and well I was baffled. Blogger is so easy to use, I had a mini meltdown at the thought of heading over to the darkside. Convinced to stay on this platform and with a snazzy template, I am all set to move forward with BBB. If you hover over each picture, it will display the title of the post, if you wish to read, just click.

I am also planning on accepting guest posts from October, so if you do have an idea you may think will fit in with my blog, feel free to email and if it's appropriate and a good fit, I will publish it. 

Drugstore Week starts on 17/8. I will be posting every day and then there will be a giveaway at the end of the week

That's it for now folks.