Soap and Glory - Speed Plump

As the weather stays warm, prepping the skin for makeup is key.  I find the better the skin prep, the longer the makeup will last. Whether you're at that summer BBQ, pool party or lounging at a bar down the coast, we all want to look as fresh as we did 8 hours ago.

Soap and Glory recently released Speed Plump. Marketed as a moisturiser, jam-packed with all sorts of good stuff including fruitylastic, raspberry plant cell extracts and shea butter. This is the ideal product to tackle dry and dehydrated skin.

This apricot/watermelon/fruity scented moisturiser is lovely.  It smooths skin to perfection to leave a lovely base for foundation. Skin appears hydrated, brighter and it just glows. Too glowy to use as a moisturiser before bed, this is the ideal primer/moisturiser hybrid to wear during the day.

Speed Plump keeps my dry skin as hydrated as possible and foundation lasts a good 2-3 hours longer on the skin. With regular use, this product also seems to have reduced hormonal break-outs as well.

Absolutely fantastic and great value for money, I have already bought a back-up.  This is seriously great stuff and gives the high-end illuminating primers and moisturisers a run for their money.

Pick one up when you can from Boots, at the moment they are our of stock everywhere!