BLOGGING: How to Keep your Blog Organised

Sometimes blogging can be a little overwhelming, however it is all to do with utilising your time and being prepared.

I find blogging can take up a lot of my free time, Of course I still want to go out with friends, see family, watch Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (of which I am addicted), keep up-to-date with You Tube and read the latest books on my shelf. It seems there is never enough time for everything. I'm quite sure many of you resonate with this.
Make sure you have everything you need for your post. Do you need to pick anything up? Have you taken the pictures yet? Done your research? If you plan, it will take away any unnecessary stress of 'oh I must get this post up'.

As soon as you think of something, anything, write it down. I keep a notebook beside my bed, as often I wake up and think of something I could write about. Just jot down keywords and it will jog your memory later. If you have tested, for example a new lipstick you have bought and you don't like the texture or the lasting power's crap, then note it down. You can come back to it later and it will give you a basis to start a post.

It stops me from forgetting things I need to do, even if it's a small detail. Like adding a post to my Beauty AZ, scheduling tweets or re-reading something before I publish it. Write down what you need to do, prioritise and be realistic.

What I find really helps is to have a tonne of posts written so you don't have to worry about what you are going to publish. Once all those posts are written and ready to go, I trial new products I have been sent or buy something I really want to try to review. All the time, thinking of new content. The more variety of products I try, the more I think of to write.

I know this is a personal preference, however I couldn't blog without scheduling. Now my schedule is set, I know when I need to have posts live for. It is a great advantage I feel to have a bank of posts written, all photos done and ready to go, so when you're taking a break from blogging, you still have regular content to publish. Out with family or friends at the local pizza place, enjoy your pizza and schedule so you don't have to worry about getting that important post up. I tried scheduling tweets, however this didn't really work for me, so now I will schedule tweets for when blog posts are up, however most tweets I send are in real-time.

Use natural light if possible. I find I can either take a good picture or I can't. I either have a tonne of foundations, mascaras and notebooks to photograph and I am happy with the photos or I am having an off day and they are all sent straight to the recycling bin. On a roll, take as many pics as you can. You can draft the post, add the picture, think of a fancy heading and then you have your post to write.

As I have said many a time, blogging for most of us is a hobby and it should be fun. By using these tips,  it may help you to feel less stressed out and to enjoy your blog journey a little more.

What tips do you guys find handy to keep you organised?  Please comment below.