10 Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger.

1. I should get my eyebrows threaded and tinted more often.  They are extremely fair, so I can leave them weeks without getting them seen to. A slick of L'Oreal's Brow Artist Plumper keeps them tidy and looking fairly polished.

2. I have a tonne of nail polish. My nails frequently break.  I used to bite them years ago, they have never fully recovered.  The cuticles are improving but are still ragged and they flake terribly. But Barry M and Essie need to come out of retirement.

3. I have enough mascaras to change the one I am using every other day, for a month. Some I've had for ages in my stash and quite frankly have seen better days. I need a clear out.

4. In the past I have bought products I do not need, nor probably will use, but hey they photograph beautifully, so it's ok right?

5. I am/and have been sucked into the hype. The packaging always sells it to me, however good a product is. Prettily packaged?  It's coming home with me.

6. I love Paris. I mean, really love.  But would go there on a impromptu visit with the sole intention of hitting Sephora (and maybe a little sight seeing).

7. I often wake up thinking of blog ideas and get up early to write if I feel the ideas flowing. 7am in my dressing gown on a Sunday, cat at my feet and a cup of tea is quite the norm.  Makeup free. Half asleep.

8. I still can't do winged eyeliner. However hard I try, I've come to the conclusion that maybe it's just not for me.  I am much better at just smudging pencil/shadow into my lower and upper lash line.

9. I have terrible feet. So much so that I had to have my big toe nails removed over ten years ago, due to ingrowing nails. They'll never grow back and it's something I do regret. Summer and sandals come and I so want to paint the other nails, but it draws attention to my feet. If I'm feeling brave I may paint them.  I usually have a French pedi, so they look clean, and tidy.  At least with all this cold weather we have in the UK, they are normally bundled up under thick socks and boots. And there's no pain.

10. I cannot go into a supermarket without visiting the beauty section.  Go in for houmous and crackers and leave with Maybelline's latest foundation to trial.

10 Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger.

10 Confessions Of A Beauty Blogger.

P.S. Oh I nearly forgot, there is always a cat with me.