Top 5 Fashion Blogs.

I'm a jeans, t-shirt and comfy shoes kinda girl all the way. Most of the time you'll find me in a striped top and Converse.  However when I need inspiration and want something a little more fancy instead of flicking through Vogue I head to my favourite fashion blogs. Here are the ones I am enjoying the most at the moment.

Monochrome, classic and chic. I first found Helen's blog when I had a few minutes spare one afternoon and hit the Bloglovin' site. Your could be mistaken thinking the blog would be jam packed with kitty cats and feline friends.  Yes, it's filled with pretty pictures.  Not of cats, but of up to date trends and style inspiration. Wanna get stylish? Then Helen's your girl.

Fancy a laid back, friendly read then you must pay a visit to Lily's blog. Primarily fashion with a little beauty thrown into the mix.  Lily Melrose houses an eclectic vibe.  She could be your pal. The girl you are found drinking with in the corner of a swanky bar. Fedora's and Breton stripes are a must.  

Victoria is one of a kind with her dreamy, purple hued hair. She's a real stunner. I have serious photo envy when I settle down with a peppermint tea and read this blog. There are tonnes of pictures taken in and around London and the quality of the pictures is fantastic.   I head to In The Frow for something more than a fashion fix.  There's something for everyone; life, makeup, hair, travel, wishlists and events. A perfect Sunday afternoon read.

Liv's blog is my most recent discovery with a stand-out quirky header and beautiful pictures I have only just started to get into this blog. But it's a really great read and fills me with serious wardrobe envy.

Last off and the blog which seems to be a permanent read on my iPad must be Media Marmalade. Super chic, well written, varied  and packed with awesome pictures. I just want to be Melissa's best mate.

All 5 of these blogs are interesting, well written have great photos, something all blogs should aspire to. Have any of your own recommendations? Please let me know below.