Skin Boosters Thavma Therapy Lift Anti Wrinkle Cream

It's official. I am obsessed with skin care.  And there's a new brand to hit the block!

When brands contact me to ask if they can send their latest wonder cream, magic serum or skin-tightening treatment, I have a problem saying no. After all, it could be the most amazing product ever and skin could look ten years younger.  I have discovered some pretty good brands along the way. Brands I wouldn't have necessarily heard of.  

Skin Boosters, was one of these brands I hadn't heard of before. However when their (longest name ever for a cream) Anti-Surgery System Thavma Therapy Lift Antiwrinkle Cream (by Juliette Armand) arrived in a bright orange pot, I was intrigued. 

The packaging is striking with the bold print emblazoned on the front, I couldn't wait to get cracking with this one. It looks trendy and modern and best of all claims to be an anti-surgery system in a pot, designed to lift the skin and prevent wrinkles. A mini facelift in a jar?

The actual cream is fairly lightweight, almost gel like. Certainly more like a lotion as opposed to a cream. A pea- sized amount x 2 will cover the whole face. It absorbs into the skin beautifully, leaving no greasiness, no film and skin feels smooth and hydrated. The subtle orange scent is welcoming and seems to revive the skin perfectly.

I can't say after only using this for a couple of weeks if my skin is going to transform, however skin appears smoother, looks radiant and first impressions are pretty good, so I will keep you posted.

Suitable for combination, dry and normal skin types, ideal to combat dehydrated or dull skin. Available here.

Anyone else come across any new skin care brands lately to hit the mark?
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