Summer Sun Week: The Summer Tag
What’s your favourite summer nail polish?
I love the idea of Model's Own Beach Bag. My nails are crap. You may have heard me harping on about this several times before but trust me however hard I try, I am still waiting for them to improve. So if I do paint them I'm hoping it will be Beach Bag. So summery and so pretty.
Favourite bronzer for Summer?
I have a tonne of bronzers. Coming soon is 'drugstore week', so I will let you all in on my top drugstore picks very soon. As always Soap and Glory's Solar Powder is right at the top of the list. 
You're relaxing in a hammock on a tropical beach.  What are you sipping on?
Something fruity. Maybe a fruit punch.  More than likely it would be non alcoholic, as I don't drink that much. Ooh fresh pineapple juice, that would be amazing. 
Pool or Beach?
Beach always. Love the sound of the ocean. So relaxing and loving strolling beside the sea.
Sun bathe or fake tan?
Fake tan always. I need factor 50. I'm fair and have freckles. Don't want to burn or have leather looking skin, so I hide under a glamorous hat and slap on the sun cream.
Favourite Summer scent?
At the moment I love Dolce And Gabbana's Light Blue.
Favourite BBQ food?
Corn on the cob and potato salad.
What's your favourite summer accessory?
A pair of Rayban's. Essential! Look great and protect your eyes!
What's the weather like where you live in the summer?
Changeable. Can be hot. Often rains! I'm in the UK.
What is your favourite thing about the summer?
Feeling warm. People being happy and eating outdoors with family. Running down the beach or through a meadow with no shoes on. Bliss! Being outside until 10pm and it's still just about light and still warm.
What are your plans for summer vacation?
I am jetting off to Kos, (Greece) for ten nights at the end of June. And do you know what, I cannot wait.