20 handy Travel TIps

Over the last few years I have managed to travel around quite a bit. Working for Thomas Cook a few years ago I was jammy enough to be sent to far flung places for free! Australia and New Zealand are possibly places which would have eluded me. So very expensive, but thanks to TC I was whisked away for an all expenses paid trip. Along the way I seem to have picked up a few tips, which you may find helpful....

 1. Always pack a hat.
A beanie will keep you warm in the winter. A brimmed hat cool in the summer. Plus you can say goodbye to bad hair days.

2. Pack just one smart dress.
Unlikely you will wear this one. So do not waste suitcase space on a second.

3. Pack a first aid kit
Include the following: ibuprofen, bandages, plasters and some sterile water.

4. Don't forget your camera charger
If you're anything like me and you have taken multiple shots of the same thing, your battery will die quickly.

5. Pack when your washing basket is empty
So much easier. Plus coming home to an already empty laundry basket, makes much less washing when you arrive home.

6. Relying on a new book on that long flight?
Bring something else to keep you entertained. It might be crap.

7. Never carry your purse, wallet or phone in your back pocket.
Easy pickings. And common sense.

8. Keep a snack in your bag. 
Nuts, a cereal bar or dried fruit is ideal.

9. Remember to pack dry shampoo.
No time, don't fret. Your hair will be refreshed in no time at all.

10. Always take a photocopy of your passport.
Keep a copy in your hand luggage, suitcase and a copy with parents/friends at home.

11. E-mail your bank before you leave.
Let them know you are away from home. Store their customer service phone number in your phone.

12. Take enough clean underwear for every day.
Plus a few spare pairs.

13. Make sure that you can mix and match the clothes you pack.
Think of a capsule wardrobe in a suitcase.

14. Only pack clothes you have worn before.
You know they are comfy, you will wear them and those comfy shoes you have worn a hundred times before won't leave you with blisters.

15. Buy a tacky souvenir or two.
Someone will love it! Worst case you're lumbered with it and it's a nice (if tacky) memento of your trip.

16. Visiting a place of interest/ museum/ historical place?
Short for time, speak to staff. They will point you in the direction of the 'must sees'.

17. Can't afford to loose that iPad or Laptop?
Don't pack it. 

18. Roll clothes which don't crease, it saves packing space.

19.  Heading to Broadway?
Don't trust a critic's review. Go see for yourself and make your own judgement.

20.  Pack a lightweight Scarf.
Great to keep the sun off your face, a makeshift towel or a fashion accessory.

Any tips of your own, I would love to know!