So the suitcase is all packed. Passport firmly in hand and the cats have been shipped off to the cattery for a couple of weeks. Fear not, I have already scheduled in posts for the next few days so there will still be a constant supply of reading material here on BBB. But I'm ready for a break.

Having a full time job as an Insurance Advisor/Trainer in a call centre, seems to take up alot of time. I literally feel like I'm there 24/7.  I seem to be constantly staring at a screen.  At home I am always on my iPhone, iPad and laptop for all blog business.  So I am ready to shut everything down and to relax, read, eat and enjoy life in the Greek sunshine.

It will be nice not to be joined to my laptop and to have a few days away from technology. The hotel does have free Wi-Fi though, so expect the odd tweet and/or Instagram.

There will be the usual posts every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8am.  I'll be back before the 13th July and I am excited as soon after there will be a week dedicated to all things drugstore. Expect skincare, brand focus and more makeup than you can shake a stick at.

Goodbye UK, see you soon,