Get Your Feet Soft For Summer with Vama Beauty, foot file

It's no secret I have problems with my feet (you'll know this if you have been reading for a while). Dry and cracked heels. I will try anything to make them smooth and soft. A few months ago I did find a foot pack on Amazon that basically dissolves all the rough and hard skin (through foot acids). Sounds scary but works brilliantly and my feet had never been so soft. Find out more about this here.

Resorting to less drastic measures, I decided to try the conventional foot file and cream. Imagine my delight when I received this crystal glass file from Vama Beauty in my post box. With all kinds of promises and a lifelong guarantee, I literally could not wait to start filing.

This foot file is quite literally magic.  Even filing the rough and cracked parts on my heels caused no discomfort. So gentle, this file is amazing, within a couple of uses my feet had dramatically improved. They were softer and the bulk of the hard skin gone. You can use this file when your feet are wet or dry. File, soak in a warm bubble bath and then slap on the cream (Burt's Bees Coconut is my current favourite). 

Talking of coconut, if you're a massive fan of coconut and indeed coconut oil like me, here is one helpful post you must read.

Now I know this is not the most glamorous subject to discuss, however how many of your lovely ladies (and lads) want to have lovely, soft smooth feet for the summer? C'mon pull those socks up (or off), file away and your feet will look and feel a million dollars.

Wanna get your hands on your very own magic file head on over to Amazon and enter the code GEORGIEB to get 15% off.

Alternatively I have a foot file to giveaway to one lucky reader, just complete the mandatory steps in the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck. And thanks very much to Vama Beauty.