A few years ago, I really wasn't a big fan of Lush. Overpowered by the smell I was really put off. As I started to blog I tried more and more products from all different brands and decided to place an order online, which included their Cupcake face mask and have since been hooked.  

Wanting to try something new for my hair, I had never tried a Lush shampoo so decided to give Blousey a shot. A deeply moisturising shampoo, which left my thick hair so very soft and hydrated. This banana shampoo really did soften my hair and the cocoa butters restored moisture, leaving it ultra shiny (someone at work thought I had coloured my hair). At £18, it is expensive, however it does a fantastic job. Using this a couple of times a week and a cheaper shampoo in between seems to work wonders on my slightly dry hair. 

Buying a shampoo I needed to pick up a conditioner as well. American Cream Conditioner is amazing. This strawberry milkshake scented cream is a Godsend. Hair looks shiny and smells amazing. I seem to need quite alot for my thick hair so the small bottle I picked up is not going to last long at all. Definitely on my re-purchase list. Blousey and American Cream work really well together.

D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap was an impulse buy after someone on Twitter recommended this slightly 'gimmicky' product.  Packed with strawberries and cocoa butter, coconut oil and egg whites, the reviews on this make me excited to give this a go. In a dinky pot, this seems like it would be perfect to travel with.

Being a real bath person I thought I may as well pick up some bath bombs as well, to keep me going for a while.  I bought May Day (the cute badger) mainly for the Votes For Animals campaign, giving animals a voice in the election. Well the look on his face just sold it to me and animals are a massive part of my life, so this was a no-brainer.

Avobath (the green one) is marketed as being excellent for dry skin sufferers. Packed with bergamot and lemongrass oils and avocado and olive oil, this seemed a great choice to soothe my dry skin.  I've used this before and it always lifts my mood and makes me feel happy. And the dry skin on my legs, doesn't seem quite so dry. Worth every penny.

To combat any psoriasis I have, Butterball is amazing. Perfect again for dry skin, the cocoa butter replenishes dry skin. Packed with Ylang Ylang, which is used to treat stress, anxiety and depression, this is also a great mood lifter and the perfect bath bomb to chill out with.  Perfect for a pamper time on a Sunday.